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1200 miles done and dusted so the basic running in procedure has been completed.  Now for the gradual power used increased/step up the rpm steadily until the engine is beginnng to loosen off even more.

So how is it?  For a two tonne vehicle it goes like a rocket.  I still can't believe that diesel engines have come on so far as to give what is still a (very large) coupe shaped SUV the performance that some sports cars would like to have.  The national speed limit comes into view very quickly and if I had not set the speed warning on the HUD to something around the limit then I could very easily see me gaining points on my licence or worse.  This thing can really hussle!  Economy is a steady 30mpg even now, some 5mpg better than the E53 on the same routes.  I expect that to improve over time too.

The 8 speed transmission is beautifully smooth and means that you just get a continuous whoosh of power from just above idle until you have to back off and she's still not in eighth.  The changes are not really noticeable at all.  Motorway cruising speeds have the engine idling along at about 1600rpm.

The new type comfort seats are definitely worth it as you can set the side bolster width like a sport seat, or wider or a more relaxed style.  The toys in the car are great fun, but as thr driver you never get to really look at them.  I have not yet really found out more than about half of what the iDrive can probably do, and as for the Voice Control, that I just have not got to grips with at all.  I've had a couple of attempts at using the phone and instead of actually getting it to dial have managed to end up in some other obscure function the system can do.  Needs more effort on my part to remember the vocabulary  :?

Tyre noise is surprisingly loud both on the Pirelli Winter tyres and the Dunlop Summer tyres.  That maybe because the stiffer sidewalls allow better sound transmission to the car from the road.  And whilst we're on about sound, the Pro Audio system is excellent and IMHO worth optioning in.  I'm not sure I'd shell out for the individual system as its performance will be somewhat reduced by tyre and general noise when rolling.  It's probably great when stationary though.

All in all I can say I am very impressed with this car and I can now look forward to extending the envelope.  The thought of a thing this size being capable of 150mph is scary - and definitely only for a track and confident/competent driver capable of handling her.  The ride is firm and there's little or no body roll, even when 'making progress', and grief this machine's fast!!

So to the question.  Given the machining tolerances and standards in use these days, is there any real point to getting an engine oil and filter change done now?  It's about £200 and I'm just wondering if it's really necessary?  I could do it myself I suppose, but not from underneath as I have no means to lift 2.25tonnes off the ground nd keep it level.  I'm from the older school of engineering where the oil was changed after 1,000 miles.  Oil and engine technology has moved on I know, but.....


Hi X5Sport

As far as I know, even though machining  tollerances are tighter etc, during the initial running in period a certain amount of metal will make its way into the oil as parts bed in.

I would definately recommend changing the oil to prevent any possible engine damage.

I'm sure that now you can open the taps a little you will enjoy the car even more.

I can but imagine .......

Glad to hear that you are getting on well with it... 30mpg is great from a car of its size and weight.

I would get the Oil change done, it just gets rid of anything like swarf or abrasives that may harm your engine if left in the sump. Swap it out and then you will have a clear mind and lots more happry driving ahead.


I never knew you had to run them in at all done mine in about a week in that case as we needed to be in Paris next day and 30mpg is amazing best I have seen.


--- Quote from: "NewX5" ---I never knew you had to run them in at all done mine in about a week in that case as we needed to be in Paris next day and 30mpg is amazing best I have seen.
--- End quote ---

BMW's running in process for diesels is not to exceed 3,500 rpm or 90mph, avoid full throttle and kickdown for 1,200 miles.  For petrols rpm and speed higher but no faster than 100mph!!

Oil & Filter being changed this week.  Â£220!! :o

Getting the paint resealed on the new bit, and a new rear bumper protector too.


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