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Swirl flaps M57/T2 engine and other Q's


Hi all

I am about to buy my first X5 3,0 d. 235hp. Car is from 2007 and has 190.000 km on it.

I have read a lot about swirl flaps and what they can do of damage.

Does this engine have that problem?

What else should I pay attention to?

Thanks guys,


Yes you will have swirl flaps on an E70 version onwards.  Only the E53 escaped those devices!

The version fitted is far less prone to failure than those fitted to earlier generation diesels from the late 90s/early 00s.  They form part of the emissions control system BMW (and others) use.  They can be removed but bear your in country emissions regs in mind.

Other than that I would advise you check that everything works properly, whether electrical, electronic or mechanical.  Drive the car carefully to ensure it behaves as you expect.  Look for any sign of leaks and cycle the a/c to its lowest and highest settings.

Oh and :hi:

That's one thing I didn't do is check the Aircon.. Well I did but thought it would be a simple regas


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