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Hi all. New to the X6 just this weekend! He came home on Friday and just had 2 days of driving experience with him. Would have had my A5 back with a drop of a hat yesterday but today I'm finally getting used to the X6 experience!

When we tried the car it had the map view on the screen with computer details on the right of the screen as in there were 2 boxes with info. It now no longer has this on screen and all I get is either the title of music songs off my iPod or the radio station I am on if switch. How do I get back to show the map of where we currently are whilst I'm driving even though I'm not using the sat nav?

I have read the instruction book...... I have pressed this button .......and that button...... but can I get back to the map to show on the screen! .....NO! Arggh!

Can you please list instructions one by one on how to get back to this view or reasons why not got this view anymore even though was there before?!

Also the disc is wurring in the DVD drive for the sat nav when I turn the car on or off. Is this normal? Never had a car that does this. The sat nav works as I have tested it by inputting a destination and it took me there no problem.

Also the gears.... I know I came from an Audi A5 with automatic gearbox that had 8 forward gears and never felt the gear changes as they moved up gears so smoothly you never felt it. Now I can feel it in the X6 and it feels like it needs to change up quicker and sooner than it is doing.....my husbands Range Rover sport drives like this hence why I loved the smoothness of my Audi.... Is this normal in the X6? It's had its gearbox oil changed as part of the deal of us buying the car and it has 57762 miles on the clock. Is there a knack to driving this car? Am I trying to drive it too fast as in how I drove my Audi and its gears can't cope with fast changes or am I being too sensible driving it slowly?! I drive in D would it be better in S mode?

So many questions! Lol! Thanks in advance  ::)

Not familiar with your version of the iDrive as I think you have the CCC type iDrive and fewer buttons on the controller, but have you tried moving the controller to the right which moves it into that part of the window and then either pressed it down, or tried 'options' if you have that function button? 

On the version I have (CIC drive) that is how I select what is visible in the right side.

The DVD Nav drive runs up from the moment you unlock the car until it goes to 'sleep'.  The later versions use a pure hard drive based system with no Nav DVD in use.

One if the E70 owners with this type iDrive should be able to help  :)

The 8-sp box in the 2010 models is much smoother than the 6-sp and I never found the 6-sp to work in the way you are finding on my E53 which was to all intents the same.  Using Sport mode will hold the gears much longer and you may find that 6th won't select below 100mph!

It may also be that the Dealer has reset the throttle adaptions so it will need to learn your driving style.  Another one for the E70 6-speed crowd too.  Sorry   :-[

Thanks again for your helpful advice  :D. I have tried that what you describe with the sat nav screen but all I got for vehicle position was ordinance numbers to say where we were. When we trailed the car the map was on the left of screen and the computer mpg etc was on the right.

Also noticed that the average mpg is saying 15.6mpg!  :o is that normal! It's much worse than the Range Rover for mpg! So much for 34 mpg quoted in books!


When in nav screen on the left, tip the controller over to the right which highlights the right screen, then press the controller down, scroll to map showing direction of travel or perspective. If you want to have this setting as your default, press memory button on your seat and the number of your key, i.e. 1 or two.
Mine sets the mirrors, seat , satnav , radio, climate etc to my settings when I open the door with my ( #1 fob )

Ref auto box.
The VW / Audi system isn't an auto box it's DSG gearbox which is a manual gearbox with a duel auto clutch , it very smooth and rapid reaction system, I loved the one in my Golf.
As per MPG, 15 .6 is well obtainable when doing local cold engine runs, ignore the 35 mpg unless your on the motorway and up to temperature.

15.6mpg probably means they had the engine running for ages.......and I've seen lower.

Alternatively it might mean 'someone' has been playing... :drive:

I would expect you to be seeing high 20s to low 30s as the 35d is only a little worse than the 40d.  It will depend upon what type of driving environment you are in.  I get 28mpg around town and up to 32mpg on the motorway - though I could get more but West Wales is a long way from me so when going to the outlaws I tend to run at the upper 'tolerance' of the speed limit... O:-)


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