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Transfer box problems; a known issue? (I'm having a nightmare!)

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I have a 2011 30d. Transfer box needs replacing. Judder when steering at low speed/on tight lock etc. 
I am arguing with BMW about it and trying to get it repaired under their goodwill scheme.  It will help me if I can get evidence that this is a known issue.
Any help much appreciated.
ps - what will eventually happen to the car if I DON'T fix it? Will something catastrophic happen one day?

Im sure THE first question BMW asked was,,,,what tyres do you have fitted to the car.
Are they Star marked [BMW approved] AND what are the tread depths.
Differences in the rolling radius can cause issues.

It seems there is an issue with X5,s around the 2011 year I have heard of a few transfer box problems, although ive been told the X3,s are more prone to this problem.
How do i know, ive just had mine replaced, thankfully under BMW insured warranty...
Im sure BMW know about this issue, but whether they are willing to accept it is another matter...
Do you not have any form of warranty on the car.?
I wish you well with your challenges.

Oh and ive no idea what will happen if left as a fault, i would think it wont be a good outcome...

Definitely a known problem on all the X cars with staggered wheel setups.  It is showing up more and more often now cheaper tyres are being fitted as the car value drops.

'*' marked tyres really are a must, as is changing tyres as a set to keep the tread depths within a limit.  Wide tread depth variation seems to cause trouble too.  Different patterns in an axle and between axles causes upset it seems.

Not dealing with it will result in diff failure and that could be very serious if at speed.

These cars have weak transmissions!  Given the weight of the car, and torque that can be delivered, BMW designers need to look at this.  They will never admit there is a problem though.

2nd generation of the xdrive system on 2011 x5. Dont think bmw will do it as a goodwill. Its a known issue on all high tech 4x4 cars, not only bmws. Eventually it will start vibrate badly on strait, on reversing etc and then will break completely...

Are customers told that tyres must be replaced as a set when buying these vehicles?
Surely if there is no warning and the box is wrecked through a difference in tread depths after one tyre being changed BMW should be liable?
Basically what BMW are saying is that if your tyres are worn a few mm and you get a puncture then all tyres must be replaced at a cost of around £1000 or there is a risk of damaging the transfer box.
Is it only me that thinks that this is absolutely scandalous.
Its almost like its a design fault.
I had new tyres put on the fronts after a blow out wrecked one and got so paranoid about reading about transfer box problems I changed the rears too.
I now have 3 tyres with around 3-4mm tread on them in my shed that are almost useless.


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