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Author Topic: CV boot diy complete  (Read 562 times)

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July 22, 2017, 11:17:18 PM


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CV boot diy complete
« on: July 22, 2017, 11:17:18 PM »
After some extensive research online I decided, reluctantly, to fit the outer passenger side cv boot on the x5 myself. Cost was a major factor at play and saving a lot of money in labour was a big motivator.

I wanted to make this thread just to let others in the same position know it was not nearly as intimidating as it seemed in the end and was completed in 3 and a half hours. Being my first time I was really happy with this and I wasn't rushing in the slightest, I like to be careful when working on the car so I take my time.

Some useful info for anyone about to attempt this job:
1. You need a long breaker bar + possibly some scaffold bar to add additional length for the hub nut removal. Mine came off with this without a problem.
2. I undid the hub nut, removed the brake caliper and undid the two big 22mm bolts attaching the hub to the strut and that's it. This allowed the hub to move out of the way enought to remove the axel from the hub (a few bangs with a hammer loosened it).
3. You need LOTS of rags
4. YOU NEED AN ASSISTANT (i'm not saying it's impossible without one, but much easier/quick with an extra pair of hands around)
5. CV joint separated easily from the axel with a few hits of a lump hammer.
6. Dismantling the cv joint (taking out the ball bearing etc) seemed daunting but it's a piece of cake + videos on youtube are very helpful.
7. Once you get to the stage of putting the clamps on the boot you will realise the need for the special tool. YOU MUST BUY THE PROPER TOOL. There's some cheap ones for sale on ebay. I had the clamps from the dealer and I must say, applying these properly was the hardest part of the job (how ridiculous I know). I read a lot of stories online about not clamping correctly or with the wrong clamps and the grease coming out shortly after the job had been done No-one could be dealing with that, so buy the proper tool in advance.
8. Also but 36mm 12-point socket for the hub nut, although i'm sure you've read this already.

All in all a fairly easy job even for a first timer. Do enough homework on this before and you will be able to do it.