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Engine just cuts out.....


I have a 3.0 59 plate 35d and a problem that started yesterday. I had the engine tick over for about 20 mins while stationary then went to set off and the engine cut out and we just rolled forward to a pull in place. Tried to restart but it just kept turning over. To stop this I had to put foot brake on, take key in and out and then restart engine and it would start and was fine.

It’s done it again tonight but we were only at standstill for 5 mins then engine cut out again and has been getting worse the further I drove trying to get home. It seemed to be when tried to accelaerate? Would just jerk a little then engine would stop. No noise or knocking or banging. Manage to get it home but there are no warnings from dash or other signs of why it’s doing this? Drove home from work and to work fine this morning and tonight but later when out it started this again?

Not sure if DPF or EGR valve as usually this would bring an engine management warning up on dash and would be able to drive in limp mode in my Audi so not sure what or how it warns you or limp mode in the BMW X6?

It’s certainly not safe to drive on the motorway as it just cuts out so if to get to garage in Leeds it will need transporting by Rescue? Anyone experienced anything like this before? Cheers.

For future info if anyone has symptoms like this with no engine management light and not going into limp mode it could be the injectors. Our injectors 2 and 5 have failed and it’s now in the garage being repaired  :(


AFAIK the DPF should bring a warning light on and may well trigger limp mode as you surmised.

hi I've just had the same problem,injected number 5 was what mine needed,only pain in changing it was taking inlet manifold off,they are easy enough to test with a multi meter

Always seems to be number 5 injector that goes....I have an X5 aswell as the X6...the 5 was running a bit lumpy...plugged the diags in and live tested...low and behold...misfire pot 5...easy to sort :)


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