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E70 Dog Guard


I sold my E70 and still have a genuine BMW dog guard, solidly built and complete with mounting brackets. I believe they will only fit 5 seat versions, although I'm not sure.  A bargain at £50 plus delivery, which would be around £8, depending on where you live.

I didn't have a dog, but had an aversion to being hit on the head by flying boot items if stopping quickly !  :)

Hi yes ill buy that off you, how do you want paying ? oh and where in the county do you live first ?
Regards jason

Makes a great cargo net!!  I do have a dog who hardly ever goes in the X5 but I leave the guard in permanently  as you can pile the boot to roof level knowing nothing will fall on the kids!!

Hi riggie could you post to Stoke-on-Trent please

Sorry - now sold, thanks for your interest.


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