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2003 4.4 E53


Dave ett:
£3000 ONO

Here we have a very nice, V8, 4.4 litre X5.  Awesome car to drive, whether cross country, town or motorway.

Great colour combination of black paint and tan leather.  Both in good condition for the year - not perfect, but not bad.  A few chips and marks on the paint, some wear on the drivers seat, and some discolouration here and there.

Everything works as it should.

Heated seats front AND rear.  Electric adjustable seats up front (3 memories for the driver seat).

Air-con in good order, nice and cold for summer, and dries the air to keep windows steam free in the winter.

Fitted with fixed tow-bar.  Has been used a few times to tow a caravan, and being a 4.4L I didn't really notice it was there!

Full service history.  6 of 8 done at BMW - including the two since I've owned it.

Auto headlights.  Recently fitted genuine HID headlights - the originals were rubbish and the lenses dull.  New ones are very good and I've polished the lenses.  Transforms night driving!

Standard BMW radio / cassette / CD changer.  I did have a Dynavin multi-function unit in, but it failed after a year, so I returned it to standard.  As usual for these period cars, some of the pixels on the radio don't always work.  The radio and on-board computer all work perfectly.  On board computer for mpg, miles remaining in tank etc.

All pixels on dash work.  Yes really!

Rain sense wipers up front.

Comes with two sets of wheels.  The set currently fitted are 17 inch and have recent Avon tyres with loads of tread.  I found the original 19 inch rims too hard as I live in the sticks and the roads mostly rough.  Two of the 19 inch tyres are good, the other two borderline.  Standard wheels can be seen in the last pic (taken when I bought it in 2014).

I'm tempted to keep it and convert to LPG (from what I've seen, will cost about £1500).  This would mean the standard 20 mpg would be equivalent to about 38mpg since LPG is currently 58p per litre - in other words you get 2 litres of LPG for the price of 1 litre of petrol.  However, my wife is trying to get a new business off the ground and we need the money!  I will be relegated to the old BMW estate, currently showing 277,000 miles.  I've had that for 17 years, since 100,000 miles so I do know how to look after a car!

Had the ABS control unit repaired last year.  Seems they either have failed, or will fail.  Peace of mind that this one did and has been fixed.  They claim for life...

Came with a boot liner when I bought it, so the boot carpet is perfect. Always had over-mats in the front too, so the carpet throughout is all good.

Tinted rear side windows.

Comes with three keys.

Happy for inspections.  Couple of months MOT left - happy to renew for the right price.

Cash on collection, or bank transfer before the keys are handed over.  Cheque is OK too, though obviously it would have to clear before you drove away in it!

Live near Gloucester, but work in North Bristol, so it's possible to view in either place.  Please message me for details.

Any further info you need, please get in touch.

Many thanks for looking!


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