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hi guys,

just realised I posted this in the wrong area, should be in e70 section.

had my car hooked up to diagnostic tool, the following fault codes came up. i already knew about the glow plugs, 2 were out when i bought the car i was just waiting for more to go before replacing all 6.

mechanic has recommended that i change all 6 glow plugs and the relay at the same time. he also said to replace the backpressure sensor and change the transfer case fluid.

does that sound about right?

Alan Gunn:
Always change the controller when you do the glow-plugs yes.
Not sure about the other thing.
Did you clear all the fault codes give it a run then scan again as some could be old stored codes.

well i just did 500 miles this weekend gone so i will most probably just take it in to get the glow plugs done and recheck the codes to see what is there. really is worth having the carly app but i think it would drive me insane!!!


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