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Author Topic: First X, second BMW_reliability trauma  (Read 518 times)

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May 30, 2018, 01:10:14 PM


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First X, second BMW_reliability trauma
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:10:14 PM »
Hello, all. First of all, yes I did a search but couldn't find a model specific or simple there were too old post. Thanks for your time.
So this is the history.
Back en 2013 we bought new a Ford Escape/Kuga... it has had so many problems and it is just about 100,000kms. Driveshaft replacemet, PTO, transmission solenoid body, turbo, head gasket, cyl failure, coolant lost, many recalls, steering rack replacement.  Too many problems, we like the car when it works but we can stand it anymore.  Having just one car I was forced to sell my bike and bought a 2008 BMW 525i with 100,000kms as a back up car. It had some problems due to age but after being tunning it up for a couple of month it runs great and feels pretty solid.  A good friend has a E46 328i with +250,000kms original engine so he influenced me to get a BMW somehow   ::).  As I was getting the E60 he was searching for a E70 LCI and eventually he got it.  Of course, I sat on that thing and got immediately hooked by the machine.  So the thing is.
I put the Ford on sale a couple of weeks ago and for the last 2 month I am looking for a LCI E70 xdrive 35 or maybe a good priced X6.  Now, reliability wise... should I be worried for a 2011/2012 E70 gasoline xdrive35i with less than 70,000kms with one or two owners from new??? That is my target.
I have been reading about rear diff damaged, front shaft snapping and damaging the engine, sunroof problems ... what will be a current reliability stand giving the circumstances?  Thanks!

June 08, 2018, 05:34:16 PM
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Re: First X, second BMW_reliability trauma
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2018, 05:34:16 PM »
LCI X5 xDrive35i is the N55 engine - a reliable engine indeed. Things to watch for are the High Pressure Fuel Pump, shown by long/struggling starts, as well as injectors/spark plugs. Rear Diff damage seems to occur in those not using BMW official star marked tyres, they demand a premium but are best suited to the X5 specifically, especially as the 20" setups on these cars are staggered setups (larger rear wheels than front). Premium unleaded only for the car, it's a high performance petrol engine. Snapped shafts were specific to the 40d engines in Europe, however I may be wrong, although that was an uncommon issue as well.

Sunroofs are always unreliable I find, on most cars. The one on our old XC90 leaked because of a design flaw and took out the main computer the car relied on for its electronic systems. X5 sunroofs do stop working and if you use the dealership they recommend a full cassette replacement instead of doing minor repairs, which is at least £2k.

Overall, check that the car has been serviced properly and on schedule, with mainly BMW/BMW specialist servicing. Check Xenons work, check there is no rattles from the engine or suspension. Really push the car hard on test drives, you need to see if it can handle it! Check alloys for cracking, was a bit common. Check all buttons work.

Its essential that these cars are maintained, but as long as it has been done there is no issue. Proper Maintenance leads to Pleasant Machines.
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