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Morning all!
I've been suffering from what feels like a hesitatation/misfire on my 2007 X5 3.0d for a few weeks but put it down to the DPF which I've had the Particle Filter warning come on for. However, yesterday that hesitation/misfire became a mechanical sound (like slipping gears/cogs) which then caused juddering from standstill to complete loss of drive within a few meters of travel.
The engine runs fine, the gears select fine, but when I accelerate the engine revs but the car doesn't move (or actually it starts to move slowly after a few seconds when revved like a really bad clutch slip).
It didn't do it at the time but a few minutes later I got the 4x4, DSC, ABS, EBV warning message.
Anyone else experienced anything similar? Do I take it it's the transfer box and/or is it possible that there's more damage?
Any advice on local garages around South Manchester/Cheshire where you've experienced a good solution (I see some websites saying they can rebuild it instead) would be very much appreciated.

Oh dear.  kkx5 is our on Forum specialist who may be able to point you in the right direction and he is ‘in the industry’ but I don’t know where his workshop is based.

Just out of interest, what tyres are fitted?

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I saw another thread and sent him a PM - he's in Blackburn I think so actually not too far from me.

Bridgestone Duelers all round. I read something about uneven tread being an issue which if true sounds totally nuts!

It depends upon how big the difference is, but normally only becomes an issue with a brand new pair on one axle and almost completely worn out pair on the other.

There have been one or two on here that have just failed for no obvious reason - not that that helps much though  :(

BMW xDrive transmissions don’t always seem to be made with the best materials chosen!  Fingers crossed it’s less serious  :)

I messaged Chris who kindly replied even though he's on his holidays and says it's unlikely to be the transfer case as it would still drive the rear wheels...so it's either the rear diff or (OMG please no!) the gearbox.
It's actually at my local garage now who will take a look on Monday.
Thanks for the quick replies.


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