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General X5 Forum (E53) / Track rod end
« Last post by Zedhed on Yesterday at 10:04:28 PM »
Hi folks would a failed track rod end cause the fail safe error message.there is a fair bit of play in it.
General Discussion / Re: Tracker advice
« Last post by ugene425 on Yesterday at 09:25:53 PM »
Thanks Rich. I’ll have a look at those names.

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General Discussion / Re: Tracker advice
« Last post by RichM50d on Yesterday at 09:23:53 PM »
I wouldn’t have an RFID pouch, as I don’t want the fuckers breaking into my house to get the keys. No car is worth putting myself or my family at risk of an intruder over.

I wouldn’t bother with comparethemarket, as their prices are 10-15% higher than confused.com, at least on my car.

LV, Direct Line and Sainsbury’s are the cheapest 3, all of which would insure my 2017 M50d without a tracker.
Problems / Re: Transmission Failsafe
« Last post by Sky Bear on Yesterday at 08:29:29 PM »
Maybe look at popping it into someone who specialises in gearboxes for their take on it.

Gloucester Road gearboxes in Bristol could do you a full dialysis fluid change at the same time which is always a good move with an auto box.

Or if starting in neutral works for you call it character and ignore.

General Discussion / Re: Tracker advice
« Last post by ugene425 on Yesterday at 04:52:21 PM »
I v much doubt the car I buy will even come with keyless ignition but good to know regardless.

Come to think of it, I recall I did a quick search on Amazon to see the product out of interest too.

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General Discussion / Re: Tracker advice
« Last post by X5Sport on Yesterday at 04:26:06 PM »
Normal keys don’t poll all of the time whereas keyless ignition systems do, and need keeping in wallets/tins.  I bought mine from Amazon for about £10.
General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: Staggered tyre set up 40d
« Last post by X5Sport on Yesterday at 04:23:15 PM »
Welcome to BMWs poor design choices in how the xDrive system works and materials used.  It’s something silly like 1.5% difference in the overall circumference.

If it isn’t making noises now, or jerking at low speed on full lock you are most probably fine as you are, but keep an ear on the systems.

It is also fair to state that it doesn’t happen to everyone, and it is an increased likelihood but nothing concrete to say what definitely will or won’t cause an issue, or what tyres seem to be more prone.

The latest cars are less of an issue and more tolerant.
General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: A star tyres , myth or fact
« Last post by Chrispy on Yesterday at 12:05:54 PM »
In terms of getting answers, yeah this thread really hasn't cleared it up much unfortunately and the evidence either way is fairly anecdotal with some claiming that they've seen failures as a result of not using the * tyres, and some having failures even with the * tyres installed. 

IMO BMW themselves would have you use * marked tyres :

1. As leverage to get out of warranty claims should your car fail and you not use them.  Warranty claims cost them a fortune and any opportunity to reduce these overheads will be taken.  Would love to see this challenged in the small claims court as choice of tyres, providing they adhere to the size, speed and load ratings from the factory (which is what insurance companies also want, although they are only concerned with safety) should be the consumers choice.
Adding the * marked thing into the mix is likely not to wash, and in territories like the US I bet they can't get away with telling people "no, we're not going to fix your car sir as you aren't using Bridgestone Dueller HP's all round that were replaced at the same time to guarantee they all have the same wear levels etc".  They'd be on Judge Judy in a heartbeat.

2. To keep the tyre manufacturers happy as no doubt there are deals and / or golf course agreements between them that these tyres will be promoted.

One thing that I've wondered with all of this is the BMW approved used program, where they sell X drive cars with an extended warranty and with whatever tyres happen to be fitted to the car at the time, assuming they have sufficient tread depth.  My 2010 3 series (bought in 2013) was from a BMW dealer and had all random tyres on it (all decent brands but not matching all round) but they said as they all had decent tread on them they wouldn't fit new ones when I queried it.  Admittedly I had lost some bartering power as I was trading in my Civic Type S at the time but still, if an XdDrive equipped car leaves their premises clad with whatever rubber happens to be on there, they'd have a hard time denying a warranty claim should there be a problem.....

Personally, my choice when my 19" Dueller HP's wear out will be to put non RFT's on and that's a decision I've made.  All 4 will be replaced at the same time, with Hankook Ventus tyres (the only ones that have the correct size, speed and load rating as mine is the 7 seater) and I'll relish the expected vast improvement in the ride quality as a result, in addition to the reduced unsprung weight and the benefits that brings.
General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: A star tyres , myth or fact
« Last post by Reusch on Yesterday at 10:14:37 AM »
Get the seller to put 4 new tyres on or negotiate the price to do it yourself.
General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: White smoke on hard acceleration
« Last post by paulrog on Yesterday at 10:03:22 AM »
No hasn't had a remap.

The car has full BMW service history, and apart from a replacement air con compressor, just normal services carried out.

Might be a sticking injector??
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