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The lounge / Lego Veyron...
« on: August 31, 2018, 02:09:42 PM »
You can buy a small Technic kit, or you can go nuts and with 1,000,000 parts, 2,000 motors and 13,400 hours of spare time you could do this.....


General Discussion / Ghost Town!
« on: July 08, 2018, 06:07:54 PM »
I know there was a footy match yesterday and some sort of motor race in the UK this afternoon, so some in here may be nursing sore heads but even so the tumbleweed is definitely blowing around the site today.....

So what is everyone up to?

I’ve been gardening - until it got too damned hot!

Having seen and read of all of the issues faced by owners of BMWs with diamond cut wheels, is there anything that can be put on at new to stop the corrosion?

My new Gran Tourer xDrive has diamond cut and I want to keep them looking as good as possible for as long as possible rather than fight BMW over replacing them time after time!

What detailing products are a definite ‘no!’ when cleaning them?  I use Bilberry Juice on our other BMWs.

General Discussion / BMW WiFi hotspot costs?
« on: June 23, 2018, 11:09:06 PM »
I’m trying to find out just how expensive the BMW WiFi hot spot option is to actually run in the UK?

We’ve had the option added as part of the order as a way of allowing our small person to watch things whilst on the 8 hour drive to my outlaws, but apart from finding that it is operated by Deutsche Telekom I can’t find anything on the monthly limit or data charges.

BMW ConnectedDrive UK don’t have any info on packages, data limits or costs etc!

Anyone who has it care to let us in on the secret?  Would I be better buying a MiFi device and separate SIM on a data only contract?

On the light side / Teaching Maths in Britain.....
« on: June 10, 2018, 11:48:30 AM »
Warning - possibly not politically correct.  Read no further if easily offended (I have to do this in 2018).  Now you can read on......

Teaching Maths in Britain

1. Teaching Maths In 1970:

A logger sells a lorryload of timber for £100...
His cost of production is 4/5 of the price.
What is his profit?

2. Teaching Maths In 1980:

A logger sells a lorryload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is 80% of the price.
What is his profit?

3. Teaching Maths In 1990:

A logger sells a lorryload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is £80.
How much was his profit?

4. Teaching Maths In 2000:

A logger sells a lorryload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is £80 and his profit is £20.
Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

5. Teaching Maths In 2005:

A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and
inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the
preservation of our woodlands.

Your assignment: Discuss how the birds and squirrels might feel as the
logger cuts down their homes just for a measly profit of £20.

6. Teaching Maths In 2010:

A logger is arrested for trying to cut down a tree in case it may be
offensive to religious groups not consulted in the
felling licence. He is also fined a £100 as his chainsaw is in breach
of Health and Safety legislation as it deemed too dangerous and could
cut something.. He has used the chainsaw for over 20 years without
incident however he does not have the correct certificate of competence
and is therefore considered to be a recidivist and habitual criminal.
His DNA is sampled and his details circulated throughout all government
agencies.. He protests and is taken to court and fined another £100
because he is such an easy target.

When he is released he returns to find Gypsies have cut down half his
wood to build a camp on his land. He tries to throw them off but is
arrested, prosecuted for harassing an ethnic minority, imprisoned and
fined a further £100. While he is in jail again the Gypsies cut down
the rest of his wood and sell it on the black market for £100 cash.
They also have a departure BBQ of squirrel and pheasant and leave
behind several tonnes of rubbish and asbestos sheeting.

The forester on release is warned that failure to clear the fly tipped
rubbish immediately at his own cost is an offence. He complains and is
arrested for environmental pollution, breach of the peace and invoiced
£12,000 plus VAT for safe disposal costs by a regulated government

Your assignment: How many times is the logger going to have to be
arrested and fined before he realises that he is never going to make
£20 profit by hard work, give up, sign onto the dole and live off the
state for the rest of his life?

7. Teaching Maths In 2015:

A logger doesn't sell a lorry load of timber because he can't get a
loan to buy a new lorry because his bank has spent all his and their
money on a derivative of securitised debt related to sub- prime
mortgages in America and lost the lot, with only some government money
left to pay a few million pound bonuses to their senior directors and
the traders who made the biggest losses.

The logger struggles to pay the £1,200 road tax on his old lorry,
however, as it was built in the 1970s it no longer meets the
emissions regulations and he is forced to scrap it.

Some Bulgarian loggers buy the lorry from the scrap merchant and put
it back on the road. They undercut everyone on price for haulage and
send their cash back home, while claiming unemployment for themselves
and their relatives. If questioned they speak no English and it is
easier to deport them at the governments expense. Following their
holiday back home they return to the UK with different names and fresh
girls and start again. The logger protests, is accused of being a
bigoted racist and as his name is on the side of his old lorry he is
forced to pay £1,500 registration fees as a gang master.

The Government borrows more money to pay more to the bankers as
Bonuses are not cheap. The parliamentarians feel they are missing out
and claim the difference on expenses and allowances.

You do the maths.

8. Teaching Maths 2025:

أ المسجل تبيع حموله شاحنة من الخشب من اجل 100 دولار. صاحب تكلفة

> الانتاج 80 م

Other Marques / DIY Nightmare!
« on: May 27, 2018, 06:30:47 PM »
It never ceases to amaze me how an apparently simple job can occasionally go very wrong!

I thought that I would change the gearbox oil on our 13 year old 3-series.  Simple enough to do, and the TIS shows just two items to come off (fuel filter cover and under body shield) to allow access to the gearbox fill and drain plugs.

Got the car in the air, took what I mistakenly thought was the fill level plug out, realised it wasn’t and tried to put it back in again.  Except no matter what I try, the thread just won’t work.  Nothing in the hole to block free movement and the threads look OK with a dental mirror (best I can do with that space).  I’ve spent hours trying to get it to ‘bite’ and wind back in by hand - not enough room to more than an Allen key in the tunnel - including carefully checking the state of the threads but to no avail.  It feels as if it trying to cross thread but it shouldn’t be.  Aluminium on Aluminium so utmost caution needed.

Now had to bring the car back down off ramps and stands for safety and I’ll need to go to our local ZF transmission specialist, get them to recover the car and no doubt have to pay a small fortune to do what is probably a 30 second job with an appropriate tap to clean the thread.  The gearbox will have to come out and I don’t have the tools or time to have a go myself.  I can’t even get the car high enough off the ground to attempt it.

Today just wasn't my day!  First time in 40 years of working on cars that I have ended up in this level of poo!  So much for a simple oil change.

 :rant: :rant: :cry1: :cry1: :cry1: :cry1:

My front right brake caliper is misbehaving and I am going to replace it with a Pagid service exchange unit.

Has anyone else done either an E70 or E71 front caliper?

Any ‘gotchas’?

Does anyone have the correct torque settings for the slide pins?  It looks as if it simply a case of ...

Wheel off
Pads out
Loosen fluid reservoir cap
Force back that piston
Undo the two slide pins
Clamp the brake line
Remove the brake line and protect the end
Attach line to new caliper
Remount and tighten slide pins (assuming they are clean enough) to correct torque
Install pads
Declamp pipe and open bleed nipple to allow fluid to fill behind
Bleed brakes via pedal movement
Clean all, ensure caps and covers are in place
Refit front wheel

Other Marques / XDrive Gran Tourer
« on: April 28, 2018, 03:19:19 PM »
Have ordered a 220d xDrive Gran Tourer MSport in Estoril Blue.  Dealer gave £6k discount overall and a free Service Pack so happy with that.  It replaces our Škoda Superb Estate and I’m not overly impressed with the build quality of their current models - nor the current prices (which have risen despite the models having lower specs).

About 8 - 12 weeks for delivery so the wait begins.

Have put all of the ‘Packs’ on the build and a couple of other bits besides.

Took Sid10 recommendation about tow bar so added that instead of bike rack prep.  The 220d xDrive is an auto too (8sp) with no manual option.

Having driven the Active Tourer version we were very impressed.  Same sized engine as the Škoda (2-litre/190bhp) however the BMW feels far more willing and lively.  Could be a better engine map, or the Twin Scroll Turbo.  Hoping for better economy too.

We were very tempted by a 640D GC as they are currently on 0% and £13k deposit contribution.  Still want one but my head says that with kids it might not (for now) be the most ‘practical’ choice  :( :'(

Having spent a few months looking at cars to replace our Škoda Superb Estate, we tried out the X2 and 220d Gran Tourer.

I really (and surprisingly) found that the X2 door aperture height was too low for me to get in and out comfortably.  Being 6’4” doesn’t help when it comes to finding cars that I fit comfortably into.

So we went back to the drawing board and have now settled on a new Gran Tourer 220d MSport xDrive version.  It appears to have an 8-so auto (no manual). Just looking at the finance side (we’ll PCP it due to high annual mileage) and what discount I can wangle before placing the order.

These cars seem to be a bit of a Tardis inside and have a very flexible interior.  I think Sid10 had/has one of these too, and I know he was impressed.  There is also some kind of extra range fuel tank option now on offer, though no one at Baron’s knew what it actually offers in terms of capacity over the standard tank.  It’s only £40.

We don’t need anything as big as the X3 and as we are keeping the X6 we’ll have that as our long distance cruiser.

All being well, and if we can get a decent deal then I’ll order in the next month or so for summer delivery.

We had also looked at a new Škoda Karoq but the Dealer car had a broken electric seat with the stitching already failing.  Not exactly something to leave in the showroom as your example!  The Kodiaq fuel economy is sub-35 which is too low and for a 2-litre TDI not very impressive at all.

General Discussion / 2018 MOT changes - Diesel smoke check
« on: March 25, 2018, 11:00:28 AM »
For anyone thinking of removing a DPF (or has already done it) from a diesel car where the OEM fitted one as standard, the incoming MOT test is much more likely to find it.

A revised visual check will look for evidence of tampering, and for soot at the tailpipe.  Additionally there is a new smoke check, and any sign of smoke from the exhaust whilst under power (which a DPF car won’t have) counts as a ‘Major’ fault and fails the MOT.

Recent checks have revealed a significant number of cars being submitted for their MOTs that have had the DPF removed - something that has been illegal for a while now and makes it an offence to drive it on the road.  The official statement reads

“This is reflected in the draft MOT inspection manual which explains that if the, ‘exhaust on a vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter emits visible smoke of any colour’ a Major fault should be recorded, hence the car will fail the MOT.”

There are three new fault categories:
Dangerous and Major are automatic fails.
Minor are noted on the new style certificate.

The changes come into effect in May 2018.

General Discussion / Petrol engines to get GPF from June 2018
« on: February 13, 2018, 08:18:11 PM »
Just picked this up from the Škoda Forum.

All new petrol vehicles sold from June 2018 will need to have Gasoline Particulate Filters fitted under the latest Euro 6d regulations!  It is no longer just diesels that have to worry about these devices.

They are needed because modern petrol engines making use of direct injection are much ‘dirtier’ than those using indirect injection - in some cases by a factor of 10,000!

It also means a reduction in engine power as well - for example the VW 280bhp petrol engine drops to 272bhp in the summer.

What seems to be unclear from the comments is what happens to unregistered dealer stock cars after that date?  Commentators have pointed at new registrations rather than new builds.  I can understand it being a ‘built after date......’ but some cars remain unsold for months.  Are Dealers going to pre-reg anything bought speculatively by them, or to meet their quota numbers?

General Discussion / New MOT in 2018 - will check Cat/DPF
« on: October 29, 2017, 12:09:48 PM »
DVSA is changing the MOT from next Spring (2018) and will now include checks that the Cat and DPF are both fitted and working on diesel vehicles.

No details on the ‘how’ yet, but it is on the way. It will be more than a physical check as these how now been proved worthless if the exhaust looks OK.  I am presuming there will be a modified ‘smoke test’ which will be able to look at the particulates levels or some other exhaust stream testing.

As is the case now, a garage cannot be prosecuted for removing either but motorists can be for driving a car without them.  With more than 1,400 motorists caught in the last couple of years and a lot of focus on diesel emissions this was bound to happen eventually.

Not yet on the UK DVSA website, but this appeared in the news overnight....problem with front occupancy detector mats.  Could affect airbag deployment.


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