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General Discussion / Re: BMW WiFi hotspot costs?
« Last post by snrbrtsn on Today at 07:40:26 PM »
I can’t offer much on the bmw WiFi
However, it may be worth getting a simonly deal from the likes of Vodafone
They often have “special” deals
I’m running 30gb of data for <£11 / month (I get employee discount from Vodafone) which offers child ample viewing once hotspotted to an iPad/tablet
General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: A star tyres , myth or fact
« Last post by Mob17 on Today at 07:15:29 PM »
Bought a 2011 X5 40D today with comfort seats. They are very comfy! Love the car, even with 20” RFTs the ride is way more comfortable than my previous car, a C63 on 18”. Was a bit worried about the 20” but think i’ll keep them. Will post a thread soon.

Car has brand new * rated tyres, so will not be replacing for a while.
Worth changing the serpentine belt with that mileage.....if not already done in its service history.

1. The res of the Apple Car Play icons is fuzzy. They are looking into it for me, but it looks a bit rubbish compared to a pin sharp Iphone screen!

Couple of questions:
1. Do you ever get this resolved?
2. Do your iPod controls work well? I’ve had nothing but trouble with my N7, the iPod controls don’t work properly - the buttons take 6-12 seconds to register that you’ve pressed them and then it crashes most of the time. The unit has been back for a repair but is still the same, John at Dynavin in Worcester has been very helpful but I’m just trying to get an exchange unit fitted now by driving up there.

I would expect the iPod controls to be as quick as all the other buttons but mine have always been use;ess so I’d be interested to know if yours or anyone else’s are anything less than reliable and instant.

3. Is anyone using a 30pin iPod classic in their Dynavin? I’ve tried my phone as well and it’s just the same but useful to know if other are using an iPod classic before for comparison
No, just the hatched style casting area on the block.  I can't get a picture as there is so much stuff in the way under the inlet manifold. 

I'm going to give the car a full service w[hile I'm at it and so far have

Oil filter
Air filter
Cabin filter
Pollen filter
Spark plugs
Ccv and all 4 pipes

Do people think it is worth changing the diff / gearbox oil filter and fuel filter etc or not?  The car is running perfect except the oil leak and has 127k on the clock. It is a 3.0 petrol 2005.
Deposit received.
Gallery / Re: Finally made a purchase
« Last post by marti on Today at 08:52:28 AM »
Looks nice, yes the waiting game is always worth it...I waited 2 yrs until the right X6 came along...enjoy.
You sat "ribbed part" do you mean the cooler on the back.
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