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General X5 Forum (E53) / Fitting a mobile phone kit
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:58:14 PM »

Looking for some help with advice on fitting a phone kit, either a Parrot or Bury.

I’m no fan of elecs, in fact I loathe them, better with the spanner’s as I understand them! Please bare with the stupid questions I will then decide if I give it a go or give in and get a qualified sparks in.

I have a facelift 2005 plate with basic single CD player and basic business radio.

If this is the case do I still have the amp in the boot with the 16 pin SOT lead rather than 8 pin ( understand these were Pre facelift), or is everything in the dash I need to wire into.

From what I can gather I thought all x5 had the amp in the boot but now I’m not sure and in fairness would not nessasairly know what I was looking for without pictures.

I looked on realoem which has helped a little but still not clear to me.

Happy ish with the trim removal aspects as I found some useful links on the site.

I want to ensure I order the correct kit and ancillary items from the supplier.

Cheers in advance for any tips, I will then decide which route I go down.

Well it’s less work and more tinkering…….

Managed to get 30 minutes to swop out the fog light bulbs and go “old School” with the yellow.

I’m not convinced yet, although I have to say the night vision is actually pretty good, I would even say better compared to the normal OEM white lights even though the wattage and output are the same. Or maybe its just psychological on my part, reliving my youth in my Phase 1 Renault 5GT Turbo.

Cannot really photo the night effect but you can see a daylight shot.

Will stick with it for a while to see if it grows on me, function wise its good just not sure aesthetically now they are in.

Next job the tints now the weather is getting better

General X5 Forum (E53) / This Weekend Work - Rear Wiper Upgrade
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:39:28 AM »

I know this has been covered before but its such an easy mod and cheap ( suits a Yorkshireman !) and looks great in my opinion.

Pics below - old v new pleased with outcome for £9.90.

Tints delayed over holiday as out of time  - but they are next on list.


General X5 Forum (E53) / Passenger side carpet wet/ damp
« on: January 29, 2018, 08:13:36 PM »
Hi all,

Noticed condensation on the screen last week and this, finally got time to look tonight and passenger side carpet is damp.

I Park nose down, drive slopes circa 20-30 degrees, cars not moved for 3 weeks as not had a moment due to work and other stuff on.

I suspect it’s water ingress, given its not stopped pixxing down here for weeks!,,,,,

It’s not loosing fluid nor screen wash.

So , my car has no sunroof and windscreens original.

What is the priority checking, I gather I should;-

Check drain holes at the bottom of the door ( I think they are clear btw will run a wire up anyway)
Check drain holes under bonnet- assume they are at the top of the bonnet and it s the gap that runs down the side of the wing.
Check door seal integrity ( I know they are ok as I silicon sprayed them a few weeks ago to stop door sticking in the cold)
Check door card inner seal ( understand from here these can leak)
I do not think it’s the rear screen wash feed.- given no loss of screen wash.

Anything else to check - I hate water leaks in car - makes my ocd twitch more.

Cheers for any and all advice.

General X5 Forum (E53) / This Weekend Work - Engine Bay Clean Up
« on: January 15, 2018, 07:46:22 AM »
Whilst it was miserable this weekend took the opportunity to clean up and tidy the

•   engine bay,
•   resprayed the bonnet springs
•   removed and cleaned the catch,
•   degreased and cleaned the engine bay
•   Gave the whole lot a finish with silicone based finisher I have

Pleased with the results (see pics)  - need to sort some bits and pieces under the car but just too wet even for me.

Also reading up on both diff and transfer case fluid change so that s on the cards for Feb – cannot believe you need to take both front bash plates off and the bolts on the metal diff protector are one time use as they are stretch bolts – really !! Anyone reused these at all?

Also do 4 of these bolts also hold the front antiroll bar bushes in place – if so anyone knows if they are a PIA to get back in situ as I assume you are working blind as such.

Cheers All 


Before i plough down the path of fitting a parrot can someone help me determine whether i should or should bot have BT fitted to my car.

I do not think i have from the spec list below despite the steering wheel having all the buttons and it being a facelift july 2005 model. Plus i have the single slot CD Business radio.

I think regardless i will need a  parrot as running iphone 7 so BT will be out of date so to speak

Thanks in advance

Type Code FB72E Series E53 ()Series XType GEFZGSteering RLDoors 5Engine M57/TUDisplacement 3.00Power 160Drive ALLRTransmission AUTColour STERLINGGRAU METALLIC (472)Upholstery LEDER DAKOTA/SCHWARZ (LCSW)Prod. Date 2005-07-06 Vehicle upgradesSpare/replacement key fob   Read more Vehicle optionsL812A  National version England / IrelandP330A  Sports packageS1CAA  Selection of COP relevant vehiclesS205A  Automatic transmissionS220A  Self-levelling suspensionS226A  Sports suspension settingsS230A  Extra package, EU-specificS249A  Multifunction f steering wheelS255A  Sports leather steering wheelS2CCA  BMW LA wheel, star spoke 132S302A  Alarm systemS321A  Exterior parts in vehicle colorS328A  Footplate, aluminumS386A  Roof railingS413A  Trunk room netS423A  Floor mats, veloursS428A  Warning triangle and first aid kitS431A  Interior mirror with automatic-dipS435A  Fine wood trimS441A  Smoker packageS442A  Cup holderS459A  Seat adjuster, electric, with memoryS473A  Armrest frontS481A  Sports seatS502A  Headlight cleaning systemS508A  Park Distance Control (PDC)S521A  Rain sensor
S534A  Automatic air conditioningS555A  On-board computer V with remote controlS650A  CD playerS661A  Radio BMW Business (C43)S692A  Preparation, BMW 6-CD changer I-busS775A  Headlining anthraciteS785A  White direction indicator lightsS818A  Battery master switchS840A  High speed synchronisationS853A  Language version EnglishS863A  Retailer Directory EuropeS877A  Delete cross-pattern operationS880A  On-board vehicle literature EnglishS8SMA  Car ident. number visible from outsideS8SPA  Control unit COPS925A  Dummy-SALAPAS926A  Spare wheelS945A  Dummy-SALAPA

General X5 Forum (E53) / USB Help
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:59:46 AM »
Morning all,

As you may know i'm better with spanners than electrics - so i know when to ask for help!

I want to try and either:-

Run a USB port so i can plug in my iphone and listen to music or
Run a USB port that allows you to charge

both is preferable but i 'm not too confident with electrics so will opt for the easier option if this exists !!

From the forum i gather you can buy a USB port and wire it in via the back of the radio and then mount in the ashtry area, this appears realtivley simple from the kit - has anyone done this and can confirm the bm part number i need or other supplier ?

Anyone fitted a charging USB port and if so what parts did they use and is there a How To anywhere.

Thanks i advance for any input into this.

General X5 Forum (E53) / This Weekend Work - Front Fog Lights
« on: January 02, 2018, 11:54:13 AM »
Happy new year to you all.

I managed to sort out a couple of items over the Christmas period although the weather stopped me doing anything major.

Managed to finish of my Quick Connect and got that safely tied up and out of the way, its much more convenient now just plugging in to recharge rather than relying on the croc clips – pleased I did this very minor mod.

One bit of the car that was annoying me was the front fog lamps, both had gone milky – to be honest I thought they may be irreparable and the light output was seriously compromised. Did a search on here and found out the correct way to get them out and thought I would try and clean them up first before resorting to spending cash (true Yorkshireman !)

Lights came out easily enough and the lenses were heavily contaminated on the inside, see pics.
Tried just cloth wrapped round a screwdriver but simply would not shift the problem, persevered for a good half hour to no avail!.

My mate was getting bored and fell asleep !!!!

Finally to get a better purchase and wider contact point that was a little flexable on the inside of the glass I tried using my old valve lapping tool with some wrapped cloth around the end, with a touch of G3 paste and started to clean – worked a treat and dead chuffed with results. (see pics)

Did both lights with same method, great finish and saved some cash, just thinking of going old school and replacing with yellow bulbs rather than traditional white.

Booked car in for window tints so looking forward to see what it looks like when done.

Cheers all

General X5 Forum (E53) / CTEK Quick Connect Install Guide
« on: December 14, 2017, 07:58:59 AM »
CTEK Comfort Connect Fitting – How To

19mm socket
Dremel and grinding bit (optional)
M8 eyelet CTEK quick connect or quick connect LED battery indicator (the later is better as leads are longer )


7mm OD electrical spiral bind (Optional)
10mm OD Plastic clip (Optional)

Fitting Time – 20mins

No requirement to disconnect battery (as far as I can tell)
Starting with Positive connector undo 19mm bolt and remove, be careful not to drop the bolt down the rear of the engine bay, and place safely to one side
Facing the car place the positive connection such that the lead faces diagonal towards the upper right corner of the black plastic positive connector cover ( see photos).

Optional Steps:-
To gain a better fit when closed I elongated the M8 eyelet and also ground of with my dremel the plastic shroud on the eyelet such that when the nit is placed back on the connector the removal of the material allows the plastic connector cover to seat firmly and close properly.

Tighten up the nut check connection and close flap door.
Route the cable as you see fit in the engine bay.

Now with the Negative connector undo 19mm bolt and remove, be careful not to drop the bolt down the side of the engine bay, and place safely to one side
Place the negative connection such that the lead faces at 2100hrs, it can position anywhere but I elected to route in the same direction as incoming cable direction.

Note if you are using the quick connect with LED indicator this will start to function immediately.

Tighten up the nut and check connection.

Check your CTEK charger now works and the correct sequence and checks complete and the battery charges.

Optional Steps:-
I elected to shroud my quick connect leads in electrical spiral bind for added protection, I also modified plastic clip I had in the garage so I could secure the LED indicator end in a fixed position.

See photos attached for details

I hope this very simple guide assists someone.


General X5 Forum (E53) / Window Tints - Pictures Anyone
« on: November 29, 2017, 12:52:45 PM »

My X5 E53 has standard glass all round, i would prefer a tint from the B pillar back but i do not want to go for the higher end of the spectrum ie limo black look (personal preference)

Has anyone gone for a 50% to 75% tint, ie the lighter end of the spectrum, i am looking to see what the difference in look from the outside appears like ?

Appreciate a picture may not show in the true sense but it may give me an idea, have tried to visualize using the tint scheme at the fitters but its difficult when inside.

Hope that makes sense and appreciate any info.

Will post some picture of last weekend work when i get chance.

Cheers all.

General X5 Forum (E53) / This Weekend Work - Wheels
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:30:20 AM »

Well it was no good - the state of the lug nut holes and wheels got the better of me and the level of corrosion i knew would just spread unless sorted.

So i had some Volvo Silver from the XC70 left over and elected to do a quick refurb of the wheels, will do a better job in the summer, also got the winter boots on Pirelli Sotto Scorpians all round should see me through the white stuff ( if we get any)

Anyway also gave the lug nuts a quick spray whilst they were off too and some new centre caps as the others were fubar.

Blew in and blended quite well all things considered, etch primer, quick blast with primer, silver and clear coat - Im happy. (although my mate was wondering how long it would take before he could flush the pheasants out in the fields )

Also sorted the plastic air vent grilles on the bonnet, they were really grey, treated with stuff i used on the XC70 - it really works and holds recovers the solid black look and maintains it for a good 12 months without retreating. I use carpro dlux - works well and would recommend just use sparingly results are great.

anyway - more progress again we are getting there...

Pics as always :-

General X5 Forum (E53) / Roof Rails
« on: November 16, 2017, 10:37:28 AM »
Morning all,

Any advice on cleaning / polishing the roof rails on the X5.

I am fairly confident they are powder coated ( stand to be corrected) tested a small area with black polish and its no improvements.

I am guessing if they are PC then its only wash and brush up so to speak as anything else will damage the finish, no use trying with trim reviver or other such products.

Any guidance would be appreciated

Cheers in advance.

General X5 Forum (E53) / This Weekend Work - Steering Wheel
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:18:10 AM »

Another big thanks to all for the forum, brilliant notes and advice.

I suffered from the worn trim on the steering wheel which, amongst other little bits, drove my OCD mad!

So Friday night elected to start taking the trim of, followed the notes to the letter and wheel of in less than 30 minutes - result! I was very nervous about the airbag aspect - vision of it blowing up et al, anyway dead simple.

Having decided to carbon wrap the wheel i sanded of the existing "rubber paint" and glad i did as not sure if the vinyl would have adhered properly ?

Cracked on and spent Saturday wraping, it was slow progress but i am really pleased with the result.

Assembled back on Sunday, looks great. Started car and heart sank!!

Little yellow warning triangle with 4x4 popped up on dash!!!

Remembered my post and X5Sport commented that this may happen and turn the car steering wheel full left and right, did that whilst parked in garage and light went - Phew. Cheers for that tip.

Question - Why does it do that, what is the cause, does it do it every time you disconnect the battery?

Photo with finished item below.

Next job new winter tyres and considering slight tints and more trim fettleing

General X5 Forum (E53) / Weekend Work
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:44:43 AM »

Took the opportunity to sort out a bit of surface rust on the slam panel this weekend, it was annoying my OCD when it comes to the engine bay. 

I was surprised how poor the paint coverage was on the panel, looked like the panel had just been shown the paint!!

As you can see from the photos it was poor, so attacked with the dremel followed by a wet and dry, treated the rust areas with K Rust and left over night. Masked and primed and finished with mat/satin black to keep the OEM colour - pleased with the finish. Also replaced all the fasteners.

Also found a couple of spits on the rear lower tailgate behind the black flipup cover, worth a look as found them bu accident - anyway all sorted.

Gave the headlights a quick polish with some fine finishing compound, they are much better now.

Finished of the black kidney grille with a good clean and polish.

Next job is the steering wheel trim - been delaying that as not overly keen to take out the airbag but read the threads and watched a  couple of youtube so will be giving it a go.

General X5 Forum (E53) / Questions on handbrake & battery disconnecting
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:15:13 AM »

I have just got me X5 E53 and completed a full disc and pad change & brake refurb this weekend, all went well thanks to all the info on this forum. (pics of the finished job - chuffed with the results)

On the rears thoroughly cleaned the discs inside and out , twice, including the handbrake shoes section, nipped up the adjusters just so the discs dragged and assembled. After a quick test drive tried handbrake and its not grabbing. I did not replace the shoes as they were fine, just a quick sand up to clean.  Is it just a bedding in process on the new discs or do i need to reset the handbrake fully.

To do this do i need to slacken the adjusters at the actual lever in the cab and then tighten the shoe adjuster screws to lock then back of 10 notches and then pull the lever up two clicks and then tighten at the lever in the cab. Any help on the process would be very grateful.

Also I  need to retrim my steering wheel, when i disconnect the battery negative will i need top reset radio codes or anything on re connection, do not know if i have a code for the radio, its a business edition OEM . Any advice on a code or where i find the code if there is one would be great.

Thanks in advance

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