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Problems / Re: Deflection Pulley
« on: January 19, 2018, 04:59:45 PM »
Be aware if your serpentine belt all of a sudden falls off!!, after a couple of hours of taking things apart and trying to fit a new belt I couldn't work it out why I had so much belt slack ???.....then I realised I was missing a pulley....sure enough #4 wasn't anywhere to be seen...snapped off...entire bolt sheared back to the alternator housing.....maybe a weak point waiting to happen worth getting a new bolt and doing just in case.....vehicle has just turned 100.000miles


Is it this pulley

Sorry after checking your post/ real oem diagram looks like it's the other belt, as it says the tensioner for the power steering pump.

General X3 Forum (E83) / Re: Bluetooth on business radio
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:20:06 AM »
On the centre console armrest ther will be two ways to open it. The cubby at the bottom which may be home to a 6 CD multi changer, and the top compartment which is just under the padded armrest.
See if there is a Bluetooth pairing button in this section.
If so you will have Bluetooth.
Also has it got the pop up screen/ satnav ? ( sorry just re read your post, as said business)
Also google BMW Vin decoder and put your last 7 digits of your Vin in to get the build spec. See if it has Bluetooth phone prep on the list 😀

Performance / Re: Remap
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:01:24 PM »
Hi and welcome to the forum, can I advise that you supply us with a little more info on your X5
It's best to put what variant of X5 i.e. Petrol/ Diesel engine size, age i.e. Facelift / prefacelift.
This info makes a massive difference to your questions.😀
It's an idea to put this info in your signature for all future posts

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Battery Cutoff Switch?
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:31:28 PM »
No alarm, and access via the tailgate needs power to operate the microswitches / tailgate lock.

General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: BMW E70 2012 40d M Sport or F15 se 3.0 ?
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:59:03 PM »
F15, old models depreciate like crazy once newer models become within affordable range. A lot of X5's are on personal plates which hides the age,  but model changes cant hide this.
Also F15 owners have quoted that it's a massive Improvement on the E70

Hi Horizon
      thanks !
 They are low balling me at 3k then ? with nothing off their car .
I love the E53 but I am wanting a change after nearly 12 years , I bought a new steering rack for the car last year which is still sitting in garage , put winter tyres on every year & generally look after the car well but the price of the main dealers is going up every year & the value of the car in banger territory although I have tried various other garages in the past with other cars I feel that the level of service is very good & that reflects in the condition it is in .
   My Jensen Healey went in for an Mot a few years ago to a recommended garage & nearly never came back out they quoted 5k to put through , the 2nd garage charged £140 including the Mot .
I understand your pain. It is frustrating that dealers treat our cars as the General run of the mill motors, which is quite understandable as they all seem to quote from the same song sheet.
I spent £400 last week getting my SAS replaced and a new OSR wheel sensor and reluctor ring replaced, only to find that within 30 miles of motorway driving the flat tyre warning came up due to the NSR calliper binding and getting hot ( booked in tomorrow for new calliper )
I get all faults repaired, or DIY if possible, also service as required, still we get the same PX quote as the usual neglected motors.
Good luck with your next purchase. 😀

What is my car worth ?
     2004 54 plate 30d sport .
     99950 miles
     I am the second owner , had since 16000 miles and 16 months old .
     Full BMW service history ,plus every mot done there .
     Black car , beige napa leather , heated and memory seats , towbar fixed , just had new brake lines , last year new starter motor , battery 2 years ago , 1 service light remaining . The car has been maintained regardless of cost by main dealer .
May be worth comparing similar cars on Autotrader, 05' with similar mileage and history are advertised at dealers for 5 K
Part Ex against a 22/23 K  motordepends on how much the dealer wants a sale.
4K wouldn't be far off the mark.
Just been quoted 5k part ex for my 3.0d X3 on a 58 plate, 102 k.😳 I paid 8.5 K for it 10 months ago. 😬
Just PX'd the wife's 330i E93 68 k miles, fully loaded car mint condition for 5 K 😳

General X3 Forum (E83) / Re: E83 3.0d Dash lit up like a Christmas tree .
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:35:15 PM »
Got my X3 back today, all the lights on the dashboard are back to normal.
Turned out to be the same problem as another member had a few months ago.
The reluctor ring on the NSR had been swelled up by a rusted driveshaft and wrecked the ABS sensor.
It has also had a new SAS/ slip ring as this was showing several faults.
The cooling fan running at full speed all the time was sorted as soon as the ABS sensor/ reluctor ring was changed and faults cleared.
The garage had a mare of a job removing the drive shaft as it was seized into the hub as previously experienced by the other member who had the exact same problem . ( Sorry Bubbaspaarx , couldn't remember your name )

General X3 Forum (E83) / Re: Anti tuning
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:40:50 PM »
Not just BMW but all manufacturers started installing ECU' s that couldn't be remapped via the OBD2 port.
They have an incription  to prevent remapping .
These models can still be remapped ,  it involves the ECU being removed and opened up to bypass the incription .
But more costly

 Could be the PCB in the Webasco

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: How scan tool
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:59:22 PM »
Jump start/ charging point 12v dc is usually on the bulkhead and has a black plastic cover to prevent shorting.
The cover can be lifted for access and may be marked with a + symbol..

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: How scan tool
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:21:43 PM »

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: How scan tool
« on: December 28, 2017, 08:56:16 PM »
Put 12v +  Dc onto pin 1 on the multiply on the top of the Webasco heater, if it runs, you are getting smoke from the units exhaust under the passenger front seat area, the coolant temperature is rising when the engine is off, you can feel the flow/ pulsing of the coolant ( take the filler cap off the expansion tank too see.
Then it's working, so probably worth setting / coding the timer.
If not, Spring is not that far away 😀

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: How scan tool
« on: December 28, 2017, 08:07:17 PM »
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Firstly have you had the Webasco thermostat top heater burst into life when the ambient temperature is below 5 degs C?
Have you put 12v dc to pin 1 on the Webasco heater to make sure it's a runner ?
The Aux heater doesn't come fully integrated into the settings as it does in Euro spec cars as you seem to know.
BMW scanner 1.4.0 can activate the pre set  timer function. Not sure if Carly app can, I have Carly but didn't have it when I had my E53, so check their website under coding for E53.
Loads and loads of posts on this if you use the search button on this forum. Good luck 😀

Problems / Re: 4.8i Head Gasket Blown
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:39:31 PM »
Well done, must be a massive relief. I've got my X3 booked in on 3 rd Jan at my indie, suspect ABS Pump.
I got a 3rd party 12 month warranty last February. I hope I'm lucky too and get the warranty company to play ball.😀

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