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General Discussion / Re: Choices for a 7 seater 4x4
« Last post by graemeX5 on Today at 07:22:40 AM »

If you looking at a dedicated 7 seater and boot space then have you thought about going up in size?

A couple of mates have gone for 6 seat Vauxhall Biturbo vans with 6 seats which got me thinking about that type of vehicle. See link below which is for a Merc dualinerthis one is a 9 seat van/bus.

They do different configurations some 5 through 9 seats,  I guess it depends on your need, but also a lot of larger people carriers do have 7 seat option, is another possible option.


General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: CTEK charger question
« Last post by snrbrtsn on Today at 06:28:38 AM »
The Negative lead has a Intelligent Battery Sensor

The IBS is a mechatronic component for monitoring the battery condition. The IBS is secured and connected to the negative terminal of the battery. The power supply for the IBS is fed across a separate cable. For data transmission, the IBS is connected to the DME (Digital Engine Electronics) or DDE (Digital Diesel Electronics) via the BSD (bit-serial data interface).

The software in the PC-board of the IBS calculates “State of Charge” and “State of Health” of the battery and sends the information to the DME via the Bit Serial Data link. Off-load current measurement: When the vehicle is not in use, the IBS continuously monitors the data relevant to the battery indicators. The IBS is programmed to “wake up” every 14 seconds so that it can update the measured values with new measurements. The measuring time is approx. 50 milliseconds (ms). The measured data are entered in the IBS memory for monitoring the offload current. When the engine is restarted, the DME / DDE reads off the off-load current curve. In the event of a deviation from the definedoff-load current curve, an entry will be made in the DME / DDE fault memory.

The sensor is very easily damaged by improper or rough handling during battery service, or by water leaks into the rear battery area (more common than you might think.)

Hence, if you connect direct to battery, you will bypass the IBS and the DDE will be none the wiser to your efforts to tell it you have full state of charge.
In this event the car will overcharge & most likely fry the battery!

General Discussion / Re: Choices for a 7 seater 4x4
« Last post by NehalX5 on Today at 01:34:02 AM »
This was the big decision for us when we were looking. Narrowed it down to:

Mercedes GL 320/450 CDI - V6 diesel is slow and struggles with weight. V8 is powerful, expensive running costs, moreso than a 3.0sd. Very luxurious inside, leather dashboard was standard etc, but old infotainment system. Also, there was 2 sunroofs! Found it too large and was paying a lot for something that was about 2 years older than our X5. Seats are great however, third row electrically folding etc. Facelift late 2009 made these more modern, space is good so consider these.

Q7 is similar too, again slow as engine struggles with weight. No amenties for third row. Bad quality car, VAG struggle to make cars feel premium, at least these cars. Maybe not so now, as the new ones look very upmarket. However, tyre woes put us off, and thats with the X5's expensive tyres. New tyres every 4000 miles doesn't sound nice.

Discovery 4 - if third row space is priority, this is the car. Again, no dedicated AC, only the X5 and XC90 had those in the back. All seats are full sized, can take 7 large adults with no issues. There is minimal boot space with all seats up, much worse than the X5, so a roof box is needed for any travel. X5 could fit a few weekend bags when 7 up, it's doable in them. Very comfortable cars, was a tie between this and the X5, but the reputation of Land Rover sealed the deal. That's not to say the X5 is cheap to run either!

XC90 is dated, bit slow, but again best compromise for practicality. Has best boot space with all seats up, all seats are large enough and very comfortable, designed purely for large families, which it handles extremely well. Will have you wanting more for power, which is why the X5 appealed more, they are different beasts. Comfort on par with the Discovery, no air suspension but still rarely feel bumps in the road, although wallowy over speed humps i.e. it can rock about like a boat, and handles like one too.

IMO the X5 is the best compromise on all the offerings above, but the cars above are still good alternatives and won't leave you too disappointed. Only thing none of those offer is handling performance similar to a 5 series - the X5 is one of the best handling SUV's today, and one of the better handling offerings from BMW, better than a 335d touring.
General Discussion / Re: Choices for a 7 seater 4x4
« Last post by CondorX5 on Yesterday at 11:02:26 PM »
Well I have a 40d MSport with factory towbar and 7 seats Sid, so not sure they are all that rare :). Mine even has a factory dvd system to keep my dogs amused :).  Jokes aside, the third row of seating is the best I have seen to date.  They are real, individual seats with full seat belts, but are really not suited to anyone over about 5’ or close to it.  None of these third row seats in SUVs are.   For full size third row. Seating buy a VW Caravelle Executive!   We have an elderly Caravelle with 300k miles on the clock and it drives incredibly well, is really comfortable and has oodles of space!  And fits into a normal parking space, unlike a Q7!   
The other really positive point about the 7seater X5 though, is the additional suspension and aircon to the the rd row, which makes it just that bit nicer for passengers and more balanced and probably safer too.

Kia Sorento is a big old brute without much refinement and finish, if you are used to German build cars, but it is spacious and offers a lot for the money, but resale on them is dreadful.

I meant to add, the Disco’s so called “jump seats” are truly awful. The worst of all of them.  I would not want a child to travel on one of them.
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: CTEK charger question
« Last post by marinaman on Yesterday at 10:44:17 PM »
no apologies needed !  happy to gleen what info out there,

so. whats this about not connection to pos neg of actual battery
 ?  was hoping to do that and leave connector by side window to see when needs charge , or can you connect pos. but route neg away
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Tyres
« Last post by CondorX5 on Yesterday at 10:32:16 PM »
Vredesteins are great winter tyres -used them on our elderly 4.8is for many years now. But not as a staggered setup - the BMW recommended size is 17” for the 3.0d and 18” for the bigger brake calipers of the 4.8.
Recommended 18” size is 255/55R18 all round.  Best to have a separate set of wheels and keep the 19” for summer, much better performance in winter, too.
PS read the winter tyre thread, it is old but has loads of info and does get added to every year!
I've found that I have a few recalls for mine.
Both front airbags.
And they want to replace the front prop shaft too. That makes me happy to say the least.
I'm down in Australia for any other Aussies
who were wondering.


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General X5 Forum (E53) / Tyres
« Last post by A Blair on Yesterday at 08:16:33 PM »
So I have this X5 sport.  Weighs iro 2 tonne. 
Front wheels 9J 255/50/19R
Rear wheels 10J 285/45/19R (think 10J?)
Need to order some winter tyres and I am a big fan of Vredestein wintracs (shogun / Rav previous fitment)

The Vredestein site is recommending 255/50/19R on each corner. I am a little concerned about a rolling radius issue and the rear. I searched the forum but the answer  was not definitive.  Can anybody help please.

Some helpful advice from my partner:
If your driving a 2 Tonne Nissan Leaf with low rolling resistance tyres in Aberdeen this year then their is great potential for it to turn into a tractor once a bend approaches.


So after reading this thread I contacted BMW Ireland regarding this issue, they confirmed that there was an outstanding QE on my 40d 2011. I then booked it into my local dealer (Keary's BMW) and today the propshaft was changed.
They told me that there was "excessive play" so they installed a new one.
They also reprogrammed some module which was a separate QE.

Thanks for the heads up.
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: CTEK charger question
« Last post by ttr on Yesterday at 07:02:59 PM »

I assume the pos/neg connection under the bonnet of the x5 are the same as your 6?

If so they simply unbolt with a socket, and what I thought were steel cast/nuts undo like any other nut?

I assume then that the threaded bolt part goes through the wing and bulkhead and once the nuts off it becomes loose. Again I assume it's some sort of captured bolt as other wise it would turn as you toghtened the nut back up?

I'm probably overthinking the whole thing here so apologies, just have a habit of breaking out the spanners and tinkering and before I know it one thing leads to another problem!!!!!

I'm chuffed that this is possible as i far prefer to use the quick connections, job for weekend me thinks.

Take on board the driving off bit, back a while I had a RR which I equipped with a Pre heater , the wife used to drive of regular with it plugged in!!!!!!

Once again Marinaman sorry for hijacking your thread mate.

Cheers again all.
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