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Buy and sell / BMW X5 E53 3.0 Diesel RARE in WHITE
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:30:54 AM »
Hi chance to grab a RARE opportunity in purchasing BMW X5 E53 In White, very last registered 56 Plate,
Face-Lift Model.

BMW X5 SE Model which has been my pride and joy.   Good condition for its age, RARE in white/ 3.0 diesel auto/triptontic box, central locking/ rear parking sensors all in good working order,  full leather interior / front electric seats/ new system installed, with DVD/Radio/ Sat-Nav/  USB connection/ Wi-FI USB connection/ SD reader.

Good tread tyres all round/ (wide tyres at back) 21 inch genuine Bmw X5/X6 allow wheels/ full arch bodykit all around.   

The current mileage is 157,850  Please don't be put off with the mileage most mileage was done on motorway. All genuine BMW parts were used when it came to servicing this car.

SOME of cars which have more miles on the clock there come out to be good, (looked after) like I've done on this car I have spend and made sure nothing major is faulty on the engine/etc.   If the car has average miles like 85-130 on the clock most common items on the car start getting fault's most cases, but after 140-170 on the clock,  if the owner is like myself, spend good money on the car maintenance,  so for the next owner  they won't need to spend as much on  the car whereas it's already been done for them.

M.O.T till 26 OCT 2018 ( passed before without any advisory! )

The car drives fantastic, the buyer will NOT  be disspointed/ very smooth and very very quick! no nocks etc what's so ever!  The car has been serviced every 3-6 months,  i have proof with some service history I have.   

Engine pulls like a train ! no water/oil leaks what's so ever. On the clock the only warning light is the 'seatbelt sensor' which the previous owner had  it switched off, this can be reset.  Other than that No warning  lights!  Before purchasing this car I had my mechanic to come with he and he put the dionostic snap on machine on it  and everything came all good very clean engine.  The gearbox is working fine/ breaking system/ suspension all round is excellent

The leather interior is in very good condition/ no Rips or burns/ the carpet is very clean, no dirt, no holes in the carpet.   The  condition outside is good for its age could do with Touch up on some areas if wanted perfect, apart from that condition is good for its age. 

This car has cost me 'twice' of the price I am asking. I've spend over £1,500 last year (2016) too keep the car in best shape and looked after the engine. This car has been looked after by previous owner and by myself  with any cost spared. I have all the invoices in the document folder.  I only have part service history with this 2011- to present.

Reason  for sale is  we have seen a small car wanting to purchase but am not desperate to let it go for nothing. I've tried to be honest as I can, I will appreciate it if I get genuine buyer. 

£5,400 o.n.o this is not your average X5 E53 your looking at, the drive on this is amazing I saw several X5 before purchasing this and this turned out to be the best/ quick (fast) one I could get hold off. 

Engine is very clean NO Oil leaks what's so ever ! Meachnical wise perfect !

Sorry about the pictures due to small size I can send them via phone.  No part Ex just Cash.

If your wanting to view it, please let me know my contact number is 07801 013105.

Thanks for looking.

General Discussion / Pictures uploading
« on: January 16, 2018, 11:56:23 PM »
Hi going to advertise my car on here now Photobucket doesn't work which other will let me load my car pics on here, any suggestions please?

Buy and sell / BMW X5 3.0d E53 rare White For sale
« on: November 09, 2017, 11:16:22 PM »
Hi,  am wanting to sell my X5 SE model in WHITE  (Rare) which is Orignal colour NOT been painted (Ex police Car) which has been my pride and joy, reason for selling is going for a smaller car. So I thought il try here before placing advert on eBay.

X5 diesel 3.0 auto/ manual could be selected too.  Not many white X5 E53 come up for sale, if they do there either been wrapped or painted in white  (changed colour). Only some white ones I've seen which are on 52/54 Reg.  As you Guys all know this is a facelift model, and very last registered on 56 plate.

This car was an ex police car which was serviced every six months by the police using genuine Bmw parts. The current mileage is 159,000 one owner who was the police themself, second owner was a trader who hardly driven it, am the third owner.  Please don't be put off with the mileage most mileage was done on motorway by police.

This car drives fantastic no nocks what's so ever very smooth, and very fast ! It's been re-mapped.  Before purchasing this vehicle I had it checked out by a local mechanic and this car came across faultless. The dionostic machine gave good signs. The engine runs lovely, the condition outside is good for its age could do with a nice polish/ few 1/2p size of dings on the drives door but could easy be removed without painting. (Pictures can be shown)  apart from that condition is good for its age.   The leather Interor is in very good condition/ no Rips or burns/   The gearbox is working fine/ breaking system/ suspension all round is excellent !

I purchase the car in 2014 but had it parked up in a garage due to changed jobs so had to work abroad for a bit. So far under my ownership I have spend on the following, in 2016 year.  This car was a basic model no kit/ no side steps etc. So I did the rest.

X6 genuine Bmw 20 inch wheels,
Kit supply and fitted
Side steps
Sat nav system
Full Service
New battery etc
Ive spend over £2k I have all the invoices in the document folder. 

I don't have any service history but a print out from police showing this car was serviced every 3-6 months. I must say when driving it you can tell it has a smooth drive it's been well looked after and I've continued by maintaining it to highest level with any cost spared.

I need a quick sale me and mrs have seen a small car wanting to purchase but am not desperate to let it go for nothing. I've tried to be honest as I can, I will appreciate it if I get genuine buyer.  If anyone is  wanting to view it please let me know by ringing or a text, my contact number is 07801 013105.

Ths car has cost me over 8k,  I know I may not get the money I want but sensible offers please ?  It's a clean car, where ever I go get the head turns, I guess something different in white not often you see E53 X5 in white, also smoke free car.

Buy and sell / Wanting sat Nav for my E53 facelift model
« on: June 19, 2017, 12:19:24 PM »
Hi I am struggling to find a sat nav for my X5 e53 facelift model, it's on a 56 plate, if anyone has one which will fit or any recommendations please let me know thanks.

Buy and sell / Thinking of selling my BMW X5 E53 rare in white
« on: March 28, 2017, 11:20:02 PM »
 Hi everyone , I have used this fourm before and got a great response from you all people regarding advice on the X5 . (thanks)

Am going to sell BMW X5 E53 3.0 diesel, it comes in its Orignal colour in 'White' which is quite rare I've been told.
I got this for my wife but she finds it too big to drive lol, the car isn't used much so it's taking space as I have got her a smaller car so we need to sell this now.   

This X5 was an ex police car, its faultless whereas it's been having a regular service by the police when it was under there ownership. The vehicle was sold via Aution and I had purchased  in the year 2014 from a trader.

This vehicle has 2 owners and mileage is 157,256, mainly the miles we're done by police, I have a 'service report' sheet which states the service's from 2011-2014  and M.O.T records with 'Job Number.

I did ask for service history but police are not allowed to give it? intstead gave me  the service report sheet.  The mileage is correct and the services which were carried out are also correct.   I did a full service going back in  Nov 2016 and We don't often drive this now as I have my own company car.

Before my purchase I made sure this vehicle is good enough for us and not usual rubbish, I got the car checked by a mechanic who used the snap-on diagnostics and the car was faultless ! No erros etc.  The car drives fantastic, very smooth, no nocks, no smoke, no over heating what's so ever! This X5 is quite quick whereas being ex police car still has the superchip?   Anyone who is genuinely interested in this vehicle please pm me and I will try my level best to answer any questions regarding this X5. 

I have tried to be honest, am now wanting your honest opinion on how much it's worth please no silly offers like 3/4 k this car has cost me over 7,500 am not wanting that but something reasonable?   Please take a look at pictures I will loading some more pictures over weekend.

I am based in West Yorkshire, near Leeds.

Thanks for looking

Buy and sell / Anyone selling genuine BMW X5 E53 mats
« on: September 24, 2016, 10:54:09 AM »
Wanting set of four genuine BMW X5 E53 mats please let me know. Thanks

General X5 Forum (E53) / Help please needed regarding headunit fitting
« on: September 24, 2016, 10:50:32 AM »
Hi I seem to have a problem of having to fit a headunit etc in my ex police car BMW X5 E53. .  I went to local breakers and I was told I can not get a system to fit in this due to wiring system has changed this could have been done by poilce having there system ?

Please if anyone help me out on this one ? Would really appreciate it.

Buy and sell / Wanting X5 E53 two Front arch
« on: September 19, 2016, 11:01:05 AM »
Hi am wanting two front arch for BMW X5 E53 must be from 2005-2006.   My car is on 56 plate facelift model and I've been told the front arch from 2001-2003 will not fit my car due to slightly different ?

I also need some screws or are there rivits ? for bottom plastic panels which go underneath the side steps.   My car doesn't have any side steps so I've purchased the steps and black plastic ( see pic) just need the fixings.

Please let me know if anyone is selling thanks.

Buy and sell / BMW X5 E53 17 Genuine OEM alloy wheels
« on: September 19, 2016, 10:45:11 AM »
Here I have a set of 4 genuine BMW E53 17 inch alloy wheels with 'Good Year' tyres which have
very good thread on each tyre... as new! Tyre size are 235/65 R 17.

The alloy wheels are all straight no curbs/ NOT
bulkered what's so ever! Could do with a clean there will look like new.

Reason for sale is I've upgrade to bigger wheels for my X5.
On eBay each alloy are selling between £85- £100.
If you would like any more pictures please let me know I can send them via email or phone.

Thanks for looking.

set of four at £285 bargain !

Location: West Yorkshire

Contact number: 07801 013015.

Buy and sell / Wanted x5 E53 manual books / head unit
« on: September 12, 2016, 11:25:41 AM »
Hi am looking to buy CD player genuine BMW for my x5 or any other CD player recommended ?? And any x5 e53 manuals?  Wanted clean X5 badge and 3.0 side badge?

Hi am looking for some 20 inch genuine set of alloy wheels I've come across these on ebay but the seller isn't too sure if the rear wheels fit my x5 ??? As offset are abit different to x5 he said.....  I was woundering if anyone could help me in the advice wheather these x6 wheels fit or not if anyone could let me know please. Below is the item number from eBay and offset.

eBay item number:       252212535512

11J Offset 37
Rear wheel Part number: 6778589

Front wheels are 10J Offset 40
Front wheel Part number: 6778588

Hi anyone selling a set of genuine 5 spoke alloy wheels with tyres? rear tyres am wanting wide 315/35/20 seen on eBay there going about 700-800 anyone here selling them cheaper?

General X5 Forum (E53) / Wanted some wheels and side steps
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:38:44 PM »
Hi people am wanting to make my x5 look abit better since it's a ex police car it's pretty standard and am wanting to make it look fresh wanting some decent wheels and side steps  so it makes it look abit wider ? any suggestions please? I've seen this on eBay (item number 182139863305)


General X5 Forum (E53) / Bodykit x5 e53
« on: February 07, 2015, 01:15:00 AM »
Hi how's everyone on here wanted to say hello since am new on here and a proud owner of BMW X5 in White, I've always wanted white and got it finally.   It's totally standard since it was an ex police car, now am wanting some help and advice please, to make the car look good am wanting to purchase some  wheels and bodykit. Now I've been researching bodykits but been told there are no good plus when it comes to fitting aswell.  Whilst searching for the best bodykit for x5 I came across this link which was from this fourm,

Now I really like the oem kit, looks amazing! I tryed m style website, body-kit.co.uk but I can't seem to match any kit which looks goods as the oem kit.   Do some  bmw delars sell this I tryed there said there don't?

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