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General X3 Forum (F25) / Re: Winter/All Season Tyre Help Please
« Last post by X5Sport on Yesterday at 09:36:14 PM »
Sometimes Dealers have sets appear on new cars where the owner doesn’t want them and you can get a good deal.  My X6 set came that way.  Brand new, delivery mileage 19” inc RFTs for just £500.  And BMW store them for me  :)
General Discussion / Re: BMWlander
« Last post by X5Sport on Yesterday at 09:33:54 PM »
@BMWLander?  I’m not a tweeter so may have that wrong.
Problems / X5M 555bhp
« Last post by bn16mostin on Yesterday at 08:48:43 PM »
Hi guys weve got a 2010 X5M 555bhp which has developed a miss fire usually only from startup when cold. Its been looked at by mechanics and scanned and so far cant find a deffinate fault except they want to send all injectors off for testing and cleaning but im reluctant as i dont feel its the fault. Any ideas would be appreciated.
General Discussion / Re: BMWlander
« Last post by Pinewood on Yesterday at 08:26:24 PM »
Did BMWLANDER have a twitter handle?
General X3 Forum (F25) / Re: Winter/All Season Tyre Help Please
« Last post by Pinewood on Yesterday at 08:24:35 PM »
We had a guy on another forum buy the sensors from a reputable Ebay seller and they didn’t work on his X3. I went straight to BMW , and they cost £400. The first batch fitted didn’t work and so the car kept warning me of an issue.
They made the mistake of using a generic set of TPMS sensors.
2nd tome round they used my VIN, and the pressure was picked up within a mile.
Cheapest way I can see is to buy the standard winter set and have them fitted. £700 has given me a great winter set, and saves the expensive 19” alloys (not to mention tyres) from the winter salts etc
I took them off at home, cleaned inspected and gave them a nice polish/seal ready for next spring.
The winter tyres should will see me through this year, and possibly next (depending on mileage)
Problems / Re: 2011 40d starting issue-First problem
« Last post by snrbrtsn on Yesterday at 06:48:37 PM »
Did the op get it sorted out ??.
Sean hit the nail on the head by the sound of it.

Had the same on my F07, pulled manifold & Egr, they were in a terrible state, no fault codes with this!
Problems / Re: Door won't stay shut when the locks frozen.
« Last post by snrbrtsn on Yesterday at 06:42:00 PM »
Same th8ng happened to me
I’d just washed car a couple of hours later the frost came down, I drove out onto the street and the door swung open, this in turn throws the gearbox into neutral, well it does once stopped to close door.
I was then stuck in the middle of road unable to select gear as the door wouldn’t latch, had to run back to house for the kettle to defrost the lock!
Anyways, I have since squirted WD40 into the lock latch mechanism to displace the water, so far so good
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Why winter tyres here
« Last post by AW8 on Yesterday at 06:09:48 PM »
I had Michelin Diamaris (standard OE fitment) on 19" rims fitted to my E53.  A few years ago when we had some snow it took me 45 mins to get off my driveway before I left the south coast & headed to Suffolk for a prior promised commitment. My journey was somewhat challenging. Despite driving to the conditions as best I could I found my car difficult to control when dealing with steep ascents & descents.

All tyres perform differently, however, I decided after that trip that I wanted a winter set up.

I ran my winter set up, (Avon Ranger ICE), in the coldest periods thereafter, however, I only felt I really needed them driving in the snow.

I would probably be happy to run an E53 in colder months without winter tyres, however, I would want to avoid driving up & down hills coveded in significant snow on Michelin Diamaris.

Toyo Proxes ST are described as a summer tyre, however, I know a member who has driven on them in light snow without reported issues. Toyo Proxes STII would be ideal all season choice but weren't available in UK.

 Hardly any choice for all season staggered 19's on the E53. General Grabbers since replaced with a newer pattern and now described as summer items.

General X3 Forum (F25) / Re: Winter/All Season Tyre Help Please
« Last post by CondorX5 on Yesterday at 06:06:11 PM »
Possibly, possibly not.  You have a 66plate car so will definitely need the sensors.  With these new cars, it is no longer quite as simple as buying some cheap used alloys and bunging a set of cheaply sourced tyres on them, like I have done with our old E53 for years. 
If you go on the BMW UK website there is a wheel and tyre configurator for winter and summers wheels for your car -it will give the BMW recommended tyre makes and sizes and also show the alloys they suggest.  No need the pay the £2200 then - you can then source the right tyres / wheels, although the TPMS may still be an issue which will need ££££ to be fitted and coded via dealer.  The tyres must be star rated though, or your warranty will be affected if you ever need to claim from BMW, they will use non-star rated tyres as a wiggle out of everything excuse not to cover any transmission repairs.
General Discussion / Re: BMWlander
« Last post by CondorX5 on Yesterday at 05:56:24 PM »
The reason a few years ago when the original subscription site folded, was because the owner unfortunately died - and no passwords etc were accessible, plus apparently family were not knowledgeable / helpful in getting it going again.    That was the reason a new site was started.  What a shame the hosting company has collapsed - that will be the end of the forum unless there are backups offsite somewhere, which is probably unlikely  :xmassad:
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