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General X3 Forum (E83) / Re: Passenger mirror packed its bags
« on: April 19, 2018, 01:31:29 PM »
Interesting continuation on this issue, I went out to the car this morning and decided to give the switch panel a bit of a tap to see if there is perhaps a bad connection. What do you know, the passenger mirror begins to work again. So I think you may be right Alan, I think it could be the control switch. I'm hoping (but doubting) it's a serviceable part, no doubt it'll need replaced  :noexpression:

General X3 Forum (E83) / Re: Passenger mirror packed its bags
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:20:20 AM »
I did think that yesterday, but I figured because the switch is still correctly folding the driver mirror that the issue wouldn't be there. It's a nightmare, always hate issues with electrics!

General X3 Forum (E83) / Passenger mirror packed its bags
« on: April 18, 2018, 11:12:28 PM »
Despite thoroughly enjoying the first couple of weeks of ownership, my X3's passenger side wing mirror has decided to pack its bags (it seems). The control panel on the driver side now won't allow me to adjust or fold the passenger mirror.

Given that both the folding and adjustment aren't working, any ideas what might be going on? Motor? Can the motor be replaced? I found the below bit on eBay:


General X3 Forum (E83) / Re: What is the correct battery?! Help please
« on: April 16, 2018, 05:58:00 PM »
Cheers guys. I ended up with a 95AH Bosch S4 013 battery, which is a like-for-like replacement on the old battery. It seemed to tick all boxes I could identify using online searches and speaking to BMW, it's not AGM, but as the previous battery wasn't either it shouldn't be of any consequence.

Thanks for all the help on this guys. The car has been bought and it seems as though everything is in order at this stage. Always helpful to know the things to look out for though.

General X3 Forum (E83) / What is the correct battery?! Help please
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:56:03 AM »
Morning all,

Seems the car needs a new battery, after a long journey I came back to found the car completely dead, the remote key wouldn't even work. It started fine with a jump and the alternator seems to be working absolutely fine. First port of call is a battery change, if the problem persists I guess I'll have to look for the source of parasitic drain.. :noexpression:

Problem is, I'm getting a complete mish-mash of information on what the correct battery for the car is. It currently has a 95ah Bosch in place, at Euro Car Parts and GSF I get various 95ah and 100ah suggestions. I called BMW and they have told me their system says 70ah or 90ah  :blink:!? They are also telling me that they're not sure if it needs a standard battery or AGM battery.

Can anyone shed any light on what the actual requirement is? The car is a 3.0i from '04.

Thanks very much!

Newbies section / Re: Soon to be E83 owner
« on: April 03, 2018, 12:28:26 AM »
Hello and :hi:

PS we ignore pvr on here too  :P

Thanks for the messages guys, this gave me a laugh too!

Thanks for the replies guys. Picking the car up on Wednesday, with an added bonus/peace of mind. The car is going in for a health check at the current owner's local BMW dealer garage. I will get a report/receipt of this work.

I'll let you know once it's been picked up and will upload some pics.

Thanks very much for that Horizon!

I will keep you posted.

Newbies section / Soon to be E83 owner
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:29:47 PM »
Evening all,

About to purchase a 3.0i E83, so thought I'd pop on and say hello. I'm a member over on the sister Z4 Forum, I also own a Z4M Coupe.

Look forward to getting involved here.

General X3 Forum (E83) / About to purchase X3 3.0i. Question for you!
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:24:50 PM »
Evening all,

New member here (member on sister Z4 forum and owner of multiple BMWs!). Looks like I'm buying another car in the next day or so, a 3.0i E83. It has sub 60k miles on the clock and looks to be an honest car.

I know my cars fairly well, and would always consider myself to be a very careful buyer. Ultimately it's hard to always be 100%, and with buying privately you don't have the benefit of a warranty.

I suppose my main question is, given that it's one of my main concerns, are head gaskets on this engine prone to issues? I know all the usual checks and symptoms (I also think some of the online advice is misleading, e.g. 'mayo' on underside of caps isn't always a clearcut thing at all) but I wanted to ask first hand experience of owners.


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