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Problems / Gearbox issue? Lurches when changing up from 2nd to 3rd?
« on: September 12, 2018, 09:19:39 PM »
I now have a problem with gear changes. There is a lurch between gear change upwards, under load from 2nd tom3rd gear. It does it whether I am in drive, sport or manual mode.

Car has been through the mill this past 2 weeks from flat battery after changing light bulbs to worm tyres on rear on insides to the wire!  :o. Now since having service, battery change and tyres replaced on rear (* rated but offset set up) we now have the terrible lurch which is like a learner drivers gear change! Just in the change from 2nd to 3rd no other gears.

It did do this to a lesser extent before the service, battery and tyres lark and has always been a bit of a poor gear change but now this is really noticeable.... and annoying!

It’s a 59 plate 35d with 71k on the clock. Hopefully this is just a short term run of problems rather than the start of many to come!

Also do I need to have a timing belt or anything changed on the X6?

Problems / Changed Front Dip Bulb and now X6 won’t start!
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:20:07 PM »
Just changed the front drivers side dip bulb and went to start X6 to check bulb working and now it won’t start! Lights on dash come on as normal just won’t crank when I press start button. It was working perfectly before bulb change and no problems with starting it 15 minutes earlier. Is there an anti theft on it that could have been activated or something? If so how do I get the anti theft off?! Typical bank holiday Monday problems! Doh!

General X6 Discussion / HID Dipped Beam Bulb Replacement
« on: June 30, 2018, 04:39:49 PM »
X6 59 plate 35d. One of my dipped lights has stopped working so Im looking at replacements. Can anyone recommend a brand or k which gives a real good look and also good visability?

Do you have to replace them in pairs as I had to do with my Audi? Have checked price on Halfords and they are £51 each. I think the bulb I need is the D1S.

Problems / Reverse light failing despite changing the bulb......?
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:24:07 PM »
I’ve had the reverse light fail warning on my heads up for a few days now so went for replacement bulb today and replaced it this afternoon. The message still says reverse light failure at the same side despite changing. What else could this be? Hope this doesn’t mean a complete new light unit!

Has anyone else had this issue? It’s a 3.0 35d 59 plate x6 with 65k on the clock.

Problems / Engine just cuts out.....
« on: September 25, 2017, 08:13:30 PM »
I have a 3.0 59 plate 35d and a problem that started yesterday. I had the engine tick over for about 20 mins while stationary then went to set off and the engine cut out and we just rolled forward to a pull in place. Tried to restart but it just kept turning over. To stop this I had to put foot brake on, take key in and out and then restart engine and it would start and was fine.

It’s done it again tonight but we were only at standstill for 5 mins then engine cut out again and has been getting worse the further I drove trying to get home. It seemed to be when tried to accelaerate? Would just jerk a little then engine would stop. No noise or knocking or banging. Manage to get it home but there are no warnings from dash or other signs of why it’s doing this? Drove home from work and to work fine this morning and tonight but later when out it started this again?

Not sure if DPF or EGR valve as usually this would bring an engine management warning up on dash and would be able to drive in limp mode in my Audi so not sure what or how it warns you or limp mode in the BMW X6?

It’s certainly not safe to drive on the motorway as it just cuts out so if to get to garage in Leeds it will need transporting by Rescue? Anyone experienced anything like this before? Cheers.

Having been here for a few weeks now and read up on most of the things on the X6 I am now wanting to swap the yellow angel eyes to the white ones. There are so many posts recommending this and that but they are a bit out dated. Is there more up to date versions of lights I can swap to for the X6?

So far I have seen on HIDS Direct H8 bulbs for £139.99 and some LUX on ebay for £79.99. Are these worth it and which are the best?

Some links to the correct bulbs would help too and recommendation for ones that you can see in daylight  :)


Well I think there may be a problem with the gearbox. I said in my last post it wasn't smooth in changing gears. The changes are worse when going uphill and it seems to rev into the 3000's and not be able to shift up then when it does it lurches. I put this down to learning my driving style but it's getting worse.

Today we had cold frozen snow so was a cold start and the engine just stopped at first junction from home. It started first time and carried on as normal. It was parked up at work all day and in the shade so sunshine not warmed it up all day and pretty cold again. Set off from work and in low gears up hill it jerked forward like a hiccup 2 or 3 times before changing up a gear and then lurched and overrevved up to the next change. This got less obvious thenfaster we went as in nearly normal in the higher gears.

All this was while in D drive but a quick switch over to sport and it still behaved the same just felt faster. The X6 is a 59 plate 35d and has 57700 miles on the clock. We asked for the gearbox oil changing by the garage we bought from before we bought so this has been done and was done only last week. Is this the usual death of gearbox after an oil change problem or something else? The car is still under 3 month purchase warranty and we have also taken 2 year extra warranty out. Is there anything we can do to point out where the garage need to look at as this garage certainly isn't BMW although I do know that it was BMW gearbox oil they used?

Hope this can be sorted was just starting to get used to the drive and got my seat all sorted into its comfiest position! Lol!  ::)

Problems / Screen View to Show Vehicle Position
« on: April 23, 2017, 03:16:21 PM »
Hi all. New to the X6 just this weekend! He came home on Friday and just had 2 days of driving experience with him. Would have had my A5 back with a drop of a hat yesterday but today I'm finally getting used to the X6 experience!

When we tried the car it had the map view on the screen with computer details on the right of the screen as in there were 2 boxes with info. It now no longer has this on screen and all I get is either the title of music songs off my iPod or the radio station I am on if switch. How do I get back to show the map of where we currently are whilst I'm driving even though I'm not using the sat nav?

I have read the instruction book...... I have pressed this button .......and that button...... but can I get back to the map to show on the screen! .....NO! Arggh!

Can you please list instructions one by one on how to get back to this view or reasons why not got this view anymore even though was there before?!

Also the disc is wurring in the DVD drive for the sat nav when I turn the car on or off. Is this normal? Never had a car that does this. The sat nav works as I have tested it by inputting a destination and it took me there no problem.

Also the gears.... I know I came from an Audi A5 with automatic gearbox that had 8 forward gears and never felt the gear changes as they moved up gears so smoothly you never felt it. Now I can feel it in the X6 and it feels like it needs to change up quicker and sooner than it is doing.....my husbands Range Rover sport drives like this hence why I loved the smoothness of my Audi.... Is this normal in the X6? It's had its gearbox oil changed as part of the deal of us buying the car and it has 57762 miles on the clock. Is there a knack to driving this car? Am I trying to drive it too fast as in how I drove my Audi and its gears can't cope with fast changes or am I being too sensible driving it slowly?! I drive in D would it be better in S mode?

So many questions! Lol! Thanks in advance  ::)

Newbies section / Hello newbie here!
« on: April 17, 2017, 08:45:32 PM »
Just saying hello to you all as I purchased an X6 59 plate with 57k on clock today which I pick up on Friday as it's having service and gearbox oil change before I collect. I've joined bimmers.com and said hello there and not a single answer so I have searched for x6 forums and have found you here and from what I have read so far you are a friendly bunch!   :D

I've been an Audi A5 driver for the past 3 years and could never quite understand the whole BMW thing and to be honest I was always like ugh a BMW. Was even like that when my husband brought the X6 home from work as a try before you buy kind of car. I was a seat cover in it for the most of yesterday until he finally would get from behind the wheel to let me have a go...... I didn't know what his big grin was about until I got behind that shell myself and wow! Now I know what all the fuss is over BMW's! Lol!

I need a 4x4 to get to the stables and back and to maybe tow my trailer. Although my husband has an RRS that we use for towing and I think his thinking is that this car is for best.... I did look at Audi Quattro but not seen anything that grabbed me so the X6 was like yeah I like, it's big and my mother will be able to get in and out of it without me having to push or lift her out!  :)). It is my car but my husband is now like it's 'our' car and what he is having done to it! Lol! It's already booked into body shop/tint place to have the BMW dark pack doing! I will be the only one at our stables with a pimped 4x4!  :))

Any tips or advice on what's good to upgrade/change then that'd be great! First job is the yellow halo lights! That was a bit of a shock that BMW have yellow lights! It also doesn't have electric folding mirrors despite having everything else electric! I'm like 'you mean I have to fold them in manually? WT....?' Lol!

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