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General Discussion / Most unique looking E53 for sale
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:23:24 AM »

I have seen some used X5's of questionable appearance in my time.

This takes some beating for the title of most unique looking used X5 for sale

Thought I would share this...

I must clarify I am not linked to the  sale  !!!!!!!!!!

Taste is a personal thing but this is not to my liking

Buy and sell / Wanted : Facelift E53 3.0i Sport Manual
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:19:28 AM »
E53 3.0i Sport Manual is one of a number of vehicles potentially on my radar. Have also looked at early petrol E70 but resent paying the higher annual VED rate. Certain BMW tourings have been considered as well as vehicles from other marques. 

Back to the 3.0i X5....Black paint & black interior ideally sought (grey & silver cars may also be considered if something is particularly appealing). Facelift preferably.

Happy to consider cars needing tidying &/or work albeit offer(s) will be based on condition & vehicle evaluation.

Mileage has to be verifiable....history need not be impeccable albeit evidence of fluid changes & a plug change would be good.

I am regularly checking online classifieds.

Please PM me if wishing to discuss.


As title

An alleged photobucket T&C change means many websites now display dead links where photos used to be.

Annoyingly this may mean lots of useful info lost & many tutorials are no longer fully understood.

I suggest members consider using other image hosting sites & check t&c's  to avoid similar issues.

In meantime it would be useful  if members who have posted tutorials coukd consider transfering images to another host and editing posts with new url tags for new host(s).

Thank you.

I keep an eye on classified prices.
During the 6 months to April 2017 used prices on diesel models under 10 years old seemed pretty static.

It is quite usual for prices to firm in winter months as demand historically keeps prices steadier.

Usually after Easter there are better deals to be had on used 4x4's, however, looking at E70 models on Autotrader it seems used trade & private prices have dropped significantly. By rough estimate I reckon 10-15 % maybe more just in last 6 weeks. F25 X3 prices seem to have moved similarly.

2010 40d models dipping below 20k & 2008 twin turbo models closer to 10k than 15k.

Plenty of possible reasons....increased trade sock on back of recent p/x deals done before the new VED hike on cars over £40k, VW diesel emissions scandal , concerns re nitrogen levels, election on horizon, clean air plan, folk getting rid in fear of  tax hikes or merely keen to jump & in fear of negative finance equity.......Either way it seems more a buyers market than the sometimes greedy sellers marketplace a few months ago.

Not suggesting this is a 4x4 or brand/ marque trend.

Someone I know in trade  indicated that allegedly GFV figures for some new diesel models of another leading brand had recently been revised downwards .....I have no idea as to the accuracy of the alleged comments but my source has never given me cause to doubt prior shared info.

General X5 Forum (E53) / Used E53 viewing in 2017
« on: March 17, 2017, 05:55:14 PM »
As some will know....my 2002 X5 4.4i Sport has since departed on back of a timing chain guide failure which, (all things considered), made the maths unfavourable for me moving forwards. I have been assured by the repairing buyer that my old car lives on & with an effective repair since done.

Somewhat undecided on next keeper car, (not least due to current reservations as to future residuals if spending significant sums on a used diesel) , I have, as ever, been keeping an eye on classifieds.Various things have caused me to raise an eyebrow......

Recently a black 2003 E53 3.0i with manual gearbox & towbar caught my eye in classifieds guise. VIN check showed Comm's pack & heated comfort seats......seller based in west of Dorset.

With a 6 hour round trip required to see, ( plus viewing time ), I was keen to reduce likelihood of a wasted day. Accordingly I did some research as well as politely asking all the right questions on phone before my trip. If nothing else then an opportunity to give the current stop gap residual busting barge a run. ('03 Phase 2 Volvo V70 2.4 170 SE auto....or those amused or perhaps remotely interested).

A cosmetic telephone condition report by seller claimed all was good with alloys ok dependant on how fussy I was. I was told car was mechanically sound & effectively needed nothing.

After a considerable journey to view the 117k mileage car I found the following issues.

1. Poor aerosol repair front bumper, rear bumper minor damage but down to plastic...broken bumper clip.
2. Drivers door trim lifting at top of door. Door trim rubber seal perforated.
3. Alloys severely corroded.....full refurbishment required.(Not minor corrosion as strongly inferred by seller)
4. Driver folding door mirror loose and not working...chromatic mirror glass failure - full of loose fluid.
5. Ticking noise obvious from engine bay, possible pulley or frontward of engine but I was unable to rule out engine issue.
6. Gear lever bushes &/or mechanism worn with obvious play.
7. Fault code - Misfire cylinder 3 albeit engine pulled acceptably.
8. Pixelated dash pod odometer.  (Disclosed prior to viewing after I queried an advert image)
9. Both tailgate lamp clusters failed/split with moisture ingress.
10. Cargo net missing.

That little lot is what I found on initial inspection & test drive. I didn't look deeper.

Like many...on original rear brake pipes &  probably on original rear bushes. On a positive side the seller claimed clutch & DMF had been replaced, tyres and brakes were ok. A current MOT and a mixture of history according to stamps, (in fairness to seller I didn't get as far as trawling through all invoices).

My man maths suggested to allow at least a conservative £1k to get the car to an acceptable standard. In reality having totted up the above factors a £2k spend would be a attainable depending on the cause of the ticking noise &/or time/labour needed to investigate & sort. Of additional  relevance the private sale aspect meant car effectively sold as seen

Ask price was £3,600.

Despite my findings seller indicated he still wanted very close to asking money, (taken as £3.5k). Seller politely stated it was a 13 year old car & issues found were typical of an example of this age & asking price. I was told I was looking for something that did not exist & effectively that someone less fussy would buy it for money he wanted.

I do not have issue with having to significantly spend to sort a used car if cost of car plus cost to sort is not grossly above what car might sell for soon thereafter if sorted. The seller made it clear prior to viewing he was near firm on the money. My issue is that despite careful questioning prior to viewing he failed to mention number of issues &/or claimed he was unaware of issues found on my viewing. My findings were acknowledged by seller, albeit he simply stated someone less fussy would buy it for the money he wanted, ( at time seller  strongly indicated wanting very close to asking price).

I know my way around these cars very well, have seen/driven many, know exactly what to look for, what research to do & what questions to ask. I have successfully assisted countless folk looking at potential cars & written what is arguably the most comprehensive buyers guide that exists online.

However clued up the potential buyer, a good deal is depends on seller being reasonable & realistic as to sale price.

£50 down on fuel costs & a day of my life I wont get back..... Irritating, even if worse events can happen.

Oh & as for the role of the stop gap residual busting barge....Despite me not having plentiful sleep prior to my trip, the V70 took it all in its stride. I returned home totally absent of any fatigue or aches & pains from the supremely comfortable heated leather electronically adjustable  drivers seat. The Volvo told me it returned 35mpg combined on the 6 hour round trip.  Not the most inspiring drive but an effortless & comfortable journey in a capable and safe car......The SE fitment dolby pro-logic audio adding a little interest to proceedings. Now then - Where did I put my cap & driving gloves !  ;)

Buy and sell / Link to F15 X5 advert - 2014 3.0d MSport
« on: February 05, 2017, 03:31:26 PM »
I have been approached by a member currently with zero posts who has an F15 for sale on Autotrader. The member has been registered here for some years albeit not prior posting.

Permission to advertise not granted due to current post count, however, I have decided to post a link to the Autotrader advert which can be seen if you by   CLICK HERE

I do not know the car or personally know the member concerned.

As always, potential buyers reponsible for own resesrch & checks etc.

Buy and sell / MOVED: advert as 1st post
« on: January 28, 2017, 05:50:35 PM »
This topic has been moved to mocerator only area. Rule breach advert not permitted


General X5 Forum (E53) / MOVED: 2.0d X3 Turbo Replacement Advice
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:42:55 AM »
This topic has been moved to General X3 Forum (E83). Now in correct forum sub section


General Discussion / Ecp oil 50% discount today
« on: December 26, 2016, 11:54:40 AM »
Euro car parts flash sale 50% off all oils TODAY

OIL50 is promotion code

General Discussion / In Car Media...Compromising ?
« on: November 30, 2016, 09:57:00 PM »
Well as some wiil know my 2001 built BMW X5 is poorly..... I have been looking into potential BMW used cars that may be a suitable replacement.

When looking into used X5 & X3 models (E70 & F25) from 2008 onwards I am aware that newer in car media technology often feature in option choices.....sometimes at expense of arguably more useful options.

Perhaps I am a dinosaur, however, I primarily buy a car to drive over and above for infotainment.  I appreciate benefits of acceptable music audio, useable Sat Nav & receiving the odd call when safe,  but that is it. When driving I am not interested in reading or sending text messages, emails, scrolling between apps, checking out dining reviews, speaking to a BMW helper, booking a service or reading the news......No wonder active cruise is so well desired by many in many modern cars  !

Many change mobile phones every 18 months but cannot justify similar frequencies of change with vehicles. BMW appreciate that evolving phone handsets are a factor...hence handsets becoming more involved with idrive.

I  currently use a relatively modern Galaxy Note..... sadly it is work provided & BMW apps are not approved. I may look into asking for car manufacturer related apps to be approved for future use.

Very mindful that BMW are but one of many manufacturers that make cars with evolving media technologies.

Do some feel that in car media options are sometimes given too greater priority over other options ?

Do some feel in car media optioned cars date too quickly due to newer evolving echnologies ?

Any other constructive thoughts appreciated.

Despite claims by some I am yet to find a webpage that allows options and spec to be checked by entering Reg Mark alone. If anyone has info please post it.

Secondly if anyone has links allowing for same checks to be done by VIN please post below.

Checking by reg number would be particularly useful as many folk advertise cars failing to list spec or being unaware I spec. Checking often hampered as few are happy to disclose VIN over re phone.

Typically I use the BMW premium telephone number 09062090001 but it is £1 a minute from landline and mobiles subject to provider charges. Useful for checking dates and venues of dealer service visits.

General X5 Forum (E70) / Adaptve Drive Questions
« on: November 23, 2016, 09:34:09 PM »
With my E53 out of service, (as per recent thread), I am still weighing up E70 as potential replacement, (subect to some maths).

Adaptive Drive is an option on E70......(cars so equipped have Sport button rearward of gear shift selector).

I know it is a superb option when working and significantly improves handling on twisty roads, BUT, having read some posts on here I understand it can go wrong and repair costs can be very expensive outside of warranty.

Q1 : I know E70 adaptive drive could be ordered as a stand alone option. Is it included in ALL dynamic pack equipped SE cars &/or MSport cars ?

Q2 : Anyone with Adaptive Drive had associated repairs or failures ?

Q3 : Is progressive B road driving acceptable without adaptive drive suspension ?

Q4 : If buying an 8 year old car with 80k miles on clock outside of AUC warranty and with pockets less deep than some - Would you avoid a car so equipped ?

IF I buy a 2008/9 E70 with 80k mileage or higher, my gut feeling is to avoid  used cars with adaptive suspension unless I have warranty or deep pockets. A BMW Indy has indicated that my thoughts on this may be wise.

For various reasons I am still undecided if E70 will be next car.  Think that ideally I need to drive some E70's with different set ups.....this will help me decide if handling is acceptable on cars without adaptive drive. I also appreciate wheel size is a factor as well as the rarely optioned active steering if fitted. Obviously alignment is a factor on used cars too.

I started this suspension thread as I wanted to get specific comments re same.

If anyone wants to see my E70 discusson thread it csn be found here.


Thanks in advance

General X5 Forum (E53) / My 4.4i Sport - possibly heading for salvage
« on: November 21, 2016, 05:03:56 PM »
Within last fortnight service lamps told me oil inspection due plus brake fluid lamp came on.  Was planning to get the car serviced plus getting a new radiator (recent small leak) & new door window mechanism.

I was hoping that sorting the above would have seen the car good for a while, however........Today I noticed loud death rattle from timing chain area.....Near certain it's the timing chain guides on way out which means £500 for parts alone (engine out job).

Researched maths on speaking to indy indicates at least £1200 for the timing chain guides parts and labour. Adding the other service & repair work mentioned likely to push overall bill to £2k....and car is still on original gearbox !

Regardless of fact I have owned for 10 years, kept it looking great & wanting for little.... I suspect the car might struggle to command £3k used with above issues sorted. So thus considering saying goodbye.

Not sure what to replace it with.

Had been seriously looking at 2008> E70's, circa £13-15k based on me selling my E53 privately after E70 sourcing.

Now forced to revise the maths assuming my E53 will be sold spares or repair. So now budgeting for replacement nearer £10k (which is less than if I had sold privately when not needing work done)

£10k means E70 & F25 likely out of equation....so looking at either E53 facelift or E83 facelift.

Have even considered moving from BMW completely.

As yet undecided.

This thread reviewed periodically & now reformatted as over the years it had deteriorated somewhat during upgrades & due to character limits. Now split into 3 parts to allow for formatting & ease of future editing. Still lengthy but now more streamlined, updated & some less relevant content removed. Maybe print & take this guide if viewing a potential purchase. Please PM in any query or issue. Regards AW8 12/11/2016.


About this guide

This guide is aimed at buyers seeking information on the 2000-2007 BMW X5 which has the BMW factory code E53. This guide does not cover the replacement E70 first built in 2007. This guide is not a definitive knowledgebase but is intended to provide some useful buying information, give some idea of what ownership may involve & provides some limited data.

What did I buy & why?

In 2006 when I was looking for a used E53 X5 the 3.0d was strongest in residual strength & MPG, (I was not considering LPG converted cars). The 4.4i had more power torque & performance than the 3.0i whilst not being much thirstier. I recall someone claimed that driven back to back progressively his business partner’s petrol engine 3.0i allegedly consumed more fuel than his petrol 4.4i over a considerable distance.

At the time I was looking my budget would not stretch to facelift cars or decent 3.0d cars regardless of age, (Used prefacelift 3.0d Sport models in 2006 were typically 30% higher in used price terms compared to petrol models. Today diesel models still tend to command a premium.

I primarily began looking into ownership of pre facelift petrol cars with the Sport Pack, (wanting the firmer suspension & other Sports pack kit). The 3.0i straight 6, (231HP), & 4.4i V8, (286HP), petrol cars tended to go for about the same used money. My anticipated & relatively low annual mileage steered me towards the 4.4i. There were of course 4.6is cars to consider but, (with rare exception), these were not quite within my budget then. After much searching I eventually sourced a 2 owner 2002 4.4 Sport. The used market has changed since I purchased in 2006. Used E53 X5's with either petrol & diesel engines are now far more affordable.

What about spec & pre viewing questions?

Whilst I seemed to be aiming towards a 4.4i Sport I kept an open mind on all used E53’s that were within or close to budget & of acceptable spec & trim. If you crave a certain type & option spec of car & want a you may have to be prepared to wait for the right car &/or travel to see &/or buy it. It is advisable to ask plenty of questions before embarking on a major trip to view. Consider having a list of questions for the seller. There are general used car buyers guides available on the internet which list things to check when viewing used cars but questions over the phone or by email can save a lot of wasted time. Ask about mechanical condition, cosmetic condition, functionality of equipment & service history. If after a tidy car ask the seller to walk talk you around the car describing each panel, (including the roof which is prone to marks from unwashed bird droppings. tree sap or roof bar use). 

What about you’re Test Drives?

I test drove various E53 X5’s - My experiences are summarised below :

Prefacelift  4.4i Sport :

I drove several 4.4i  cars & all of which had useable power delivery for everyday driving as well as being urgent enough to make decent progress when required.  The V8 4.4i Sports I drove were all super smooth to drive. Equipment levels of 4.4i cars typically more generous on the earliest launch cars.

Facelift 3.0 Diesel Sport Auto :

Facelift Diesel Sport has 218HP engine (as opposed to the 186HP Pre-facelifted engine which takes over 10 seconds to climb to 60mph

Facelift 3.0i Sport Auto (manual discussed in text) :

The only car available to drive locally was a 3.0i Sport Auto. I went with an open mind despite having read many arguments for the 4.4i V8 over the 3.0i. I wanted to sample some real world driving at higher motorway/autobahn speeds. The 3.0i Sport auto drove was not as fast as the 4.4i when pressing on I felt the 3.0i was perfectly adequate for 90 % of driving & also had a smooth quiet engine. The 3.0i felt a little lighter up front than the V8.  The inadequacies of the 3.0i only show when you push harder at speeds you perhaps shouldn't need to travel at.  Some claim the 3.0i petrol engine is the most bullet proof E53 X5 engine choice, (the well-developed engine having also featured in various 3 and 5 series cars).  The 3.0i is perhaps for some the obvious "less guilt car" for those concerned on declaring their engine sizes to green folk.


The Alpina developed 4.6is car does not command higher servicing prices over a 4.4i Sport but commands higher insurance premiums, (as with its facelifted successor the facelifted 4.8is which is the daddy of the E53 X5's). The 20" tyres on the 4.6is are rumoured by some as often less repairable & are dearer than smaller tyres.  4.6is fuel consumption is a little worse than the 3.0i & 4.4i with an official combined figure of 18mpg. But what a car and what a spec too! The 4.6is (346HP), is not a million miles off the pace of a, (facelift only), 4.8is albeit the later car has better MPG despite the larger engine & added HP no doubt helped by the 6 speed auto.

Did you consider fuel costs when you chose a V8 car?

Having driven a 3.0d and preferred the drive in the 4.4i as well as the cheaper price I had to consider fuel costs. Then the mpg increase using more costly diesel versus unleaded over a year doing say 10-12k miles P/A was around £600 annually. I would have needed to keep a 3.0d for 5 years to see fuel saving in my pocket, (not considering future resale), and that maths assumed the turbo unit on a 3.0d wouldn't fail  (can cost £1.5k upwards to rectify). The official 4.4i figure combined is 20.3 and is just about attainable in combined driving running super unleaded fuel (which can improve consumptions by up to 10%). I expect nearer 15-16mpg around town and maybe 26mpg on a steady motorway run if being light with the gas. 28-30 mpg has been seen in perfect conditions setting cruise at 60mph, (rather than sitting nose to tail with all the panic breakers in the outside lanes of busy motorways). Edited - Since 1st writing this fuel prices have soared globally. There arguably is some merit in converting petrol engine cars to LPG or sourcing cars that have had this work done. I am no LPG expert so I would advise you to ensure any LPG installation fitted is top quality & has been fitted properly. Some report yellow dash lights due to cars being confused re different kit fitted albeit usually with little repercussion. BMW independent specialists generally don’t advocate fitting LPG kits. I personally wouldn’t buy an LPG car without a recent LPG specialist documented clean bill of health........Beware of cars with cheap conversions.

What are the Gearbox choices  ?

All V8 X5's are Automatic albeit with a steptronic,(stick shift only), manual mode.
5 Speed Auto, (made by GM), was an option on the prefacelift 3.0d & 3.0i cars plus facelift 3.0i.
6 speed Auto, (made by ZF), was standard on all V8 facelift cars. 6 cylinder cars.
All 3.0i & 3.0d came with manual boxes unless Auto selected as an option though most were optioned with Auto.
Buyers should be aware that there are some reports of lurching on 6 speed Auto boxes.
Manual cars are rare & used to book at £1k less than an Auto, as I prrdicted some years ago these cars are now sough by used buyers who dislike auto's &/or auto repair/replacement bills.
Some mixed views re the quality and merits of manual gearboxes, (with some stating 1st gear is a little short on the 5 speed).

Auto boxes are either Made by General Motors (GM) or ZF & are fitted as follows :

5 speed 5L40-E (BMW reference A5S 390R) : Prefacelift 3.0i, Prefacelift 3.0d & Facelift 3.0i

ZF 5 Speed 5HP24 (BMW reference A5S 440Z) : Prefacelift 4.4i & 4.6is.

ZF 6 speed 6HP26 : (BMW reference GA6HP26Z) Facelift 3.0d, Facelift 4.4i, & 4.8is.

Failures are not unheard of either of the GM units or the ZF units. I recall reading one article where one speciallist indicated the 5 Speed GM unit did not always cope well with increased torque from remapping but this is just one opinion. Some owners & BMW specialists recommend causing the Auto Gearbox Oil to be changed to prolong longevity of the box. BMW did claim the units are filled with lifetime fluid though some claim the state of oil & filter from changes suggests that an oil change is sensible. Futher discussion yields mixed opinion(s) as to merits of changing Auto Tansmission Fluid, (ATF), over say 75k miles. One school of thought suggests it can be unwise to dislodge things & unsettle the box. One iundependent I spoke to advocates he has  changed fluids on many & not encountered problems. It is however, worth entrusting this work to a specialist as it is deemed important that ATF change is conducted when certain temp range is reached. Main dealers will be reluctant to do this in abscence of a problem. Auto box reconditioning can be arranged at specilaists for around£1700. BMW dealer cost for a new box is circa £3k.

What about leather trim ? 

Absences of leather (optional but common on  6 cylinder cars), & communications pack used to reducebook value of cars. Cloth trimmed cars are an increasing  rarity as many traders and owners swapped out to salvaged leather (standard on all V8's), have caused leather strim to be retro fitted.

What does an E53 X5 drive like & how does it handle ?

Many have claimed the X5 handles like a car. It was loosely based on E39 5 Series with 7 series underpinnings.  The E53 X5 is a competent vehicle with good handling. I can confidentially drive mine through twisty stuff with some pace but I also respect it's size and weight. The X5 can out handle many if not most big 4x4's on the road in the twisties. At the time of launch it blew the Mercedes M Class away and was a distinct marketing move way from the L322 Range Rover, (which was also built by BMW at the time). When launched, the 4.4i Sport allegedly lapped the Nurburgring only a few seconds behind an E36 328i .

What about performance comparisons ?

Figures on paper give the prefacelift 4.4i Sport a top speed of 143-145 mph depending what you read and 0-60 mph of 7.3 - 7.5 secs, (again depending on what you read). The 3.0i Sport has a top end of 134 mph in rare manual guise with 0-60 times of 8.9 for the manual rising to over 9 seconds for the Auto. 3.0d in prefacelift guise takes over 10 seconds to get to 60 and tops out at 124mph. It is probably academic and more a sub concious performance issue but but SE models are supposedly limited to 130mph, (diesels will be slower regardless on prefacelifts), this is partly due to the lower speed rating tyres and partly to help BMW charge extra for the Sport Models. (Details of the sport pack as listed later in this article). 4.8is claims 7.0 secs to 62mph & 4.8is claims 6.5 secs.

What about remaps ?

Stealth ECU remaps were a poplular choice for quite a few early 3.0d owners , (taking prefacelift cars to facelift power output levels), & depending on where done are allegedly sometimes not immediately detectable by dealers or insurance companies. Tuning boxes, ( previously a more common site), however, are visible so declaration to insurance is a must if you want cover after an insurance assessor sees your car, should the worst happen. Some insurance companies refuse cover if your car has been re-mapped & others may charge if you declare such a modification. Declaration of course a personal choice albeit it is owners reponsibility to declare or not & whilst considering all implications including those legal. There are various specilaists that will perform remaps on diesel and petrol cars.


As title really......very early stages and yet to decide whether to purchase, (various factors involved).😠

I confess that my knowledge on E53 is far greater than it is on the E70 !

Had my 2002 E53 for over 10 years now.....currently has around 145k on odometer.

Genuinely like my current car but have recently been considering a change.

Nothing I dislike re mine albeit I would have liked to have had heated seats & wheel for cold mornings !

My car change thoughts vary frequently.......I have considered a number of different cars (E53 facelift 3.0d, a facelift E83 X3, a higher mileage F25 X3 and even Alpina E91 bi-turbo. I also confess to looking at other marques

The issue for me is that IF I change to an E70 I will be doing so with a restrictive budget. If I go E70 route I am realitically looking at 2008 possibly 2009 cars.  Keen to go diesel next on E70 as I refuse to pay £500 a year on road tax.

Been looking curiously at 3.0sd models either SE with dynamic pack or MSport models.

I have disregarded 2007 cars due to emissions and VED ratings & thus any car has to be 2008 MY or later.

As others looking will confirm......the more one looks the fussier one gets. Me quite fancing a 7 seater doesn't exactly widen the choice either. Oh and I like black cars generally.

So far I have deduced.....

Adaptive drive rare option, highly regarded but high repair bills if it goes wrong.....ditto the pan roof.

Media pack almost essential for future resale and vehicle enjoyment  in ownership.

Cars ride better on smaller rims but other than the LCI MSport items most look relatively dull IMO

As for audio I believe standard was business, hi-fi is a speaker upgrade and pro was the 210w upgrade. Not seen a car with logic7 ICE option yet.

Only been looking at used  prices on these with real interest recently.

Ideally I would want to source something with circa 85k mileage max

Still not fully comitted to sourcing but seem to find myself looking with some purpose..

I may decide to look again after spring 2017 as not many decent cars under £15k.

Some questions to those in the know.......

Can anyone clarify ICE and identification and state what ICE came with media pack ? 

CCC & CIC......still doing my homework albeit I think I cant afford a car with better system. Anyone able to co firm the month/yesr change ?

I understand runflats not popular.....what if any alternatives are there ?

3.0sd (35d)....Not expecting high mpg but 27mpg gentle average & circa  35mpg with cruise at 60mph would be nice if possible for long motorway runs. ( 8 speed autos out of budget).Are thesefigures realistic in a warmed up sensibly driven car ?

Any tips or advice from folk happy to fill in knowledge gaps ?

As yet undecided re changing, but any kindly members with knowledge of potential forthcoming bargains please PM me ;)

Thanks in advance :)

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