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General X5 Forum (E70) / N/S front tyre wearing on outside edge
« on: August 09, 2018, 09:51:19 AM »
Spotted the other day, quite heavy wear on the N/S front tyre outside edge, whereas across the rest of the tread is quite healthy - like I've been doing nothing but go round roundabouts really fast for hours on end... 
The O/S tyre in comparison is wearing evenly across and the rears are ok with just the usual feathering on the inside edges as expected based on the camber.

Can the front camber be altered to counter this or am I talking worn bushes etc?  I doubt it's track rod end adjustment due to the way it's wearing.



Has anyone had this or found a solution to it?  More of an annoyance than anything but, seemingly at random, if I choose anything other than "Position" on the split screen display (such as "Map Pointing North" which I tend to go for) it has a nasty tendency of reverting back to "Position".

Searched for it and found this but nothing definitive:



General X5 Forum (E70) / 3rd row blower / vents not coming on
« on: June 04, 2018, 08:46:57 PM »
Hi all,

In the saga of diagnosing why my front dash vents won't come on at all (defrost / windscreen only) I've noticed that the 3rd row vents won't come on either.  Press the little button and the LED doesn't light up - nothing happens.  :( 

I'm on a blown fuse mission anyway (which helped me figure out why my power outlet in the boot doesn't work :) ) but struggling with these other issues.

Spotted I'm missing fuse 126 from the boot fuse box but having borrowed another 5A fuse to pop in there temporarily whilst I buy some more of the little fuses, it's made no difference.

Anyone else had this?



General X5 Forum (E70) / Climate will only blow onto windscreen
« on: May 28, 2018, 07:53:17 PM »
Noticed today in the warm weather that the car refused to blow air out of the passenger or footwell vents no matter what I did - will only blow it at the windscreen.  Temp and blower power respond ok, just no control over direction.  Comes out of the rear vents ok.

Any ideas?  Can't be normal behaviour surely.

Hi all,

Q for the 7 seater owners - do any of your 3rd row seat belts clonk a little when stowed in the C pillar plastic trim thing?  Seems mine aren't all that snug and, especially on the O/S rattle a bit now and then.  Took some finding tracing the elusive noise back after I'd adjusted the  tailgate bump stops, put insulation tape around the lower tailgate latches, wedged everything in under the boot floor etc....

Any tips on how to make them a better (more interference) fit?



Got the glow plug control module replaced the other day and thought I'd post up a few observations / thoughts re this as it may be valuable to others.

Ever since I got the car, it was never happy on cold starts.  Even on "normal" temp starts it was never as smooth as I'd like and the car was waaaaay more thirsty than I'd have liked when cold. 

So when the car was in BMW for the cripplingly overpriced parking brake module replacement they spotted a fault code with the glow plug control module and wanted £350 to replace it.  Pfft I thought after I'd just given them my left kidney for the parking brake, so I got it sorted myself.  Found the part code on RealOEM and ordered a replacement Beru unit from eBay for £80, which arrived promptly.
Then booked the car in with my local independent to have it fitted after the wife insisted I wouldn't have time to do it myself.....

Upon removal of the engine cover and scuttle tray etc they found additional coolant pipes in the way of the control module that they weren't expecting.  We're talking narrow ones about 8mm in diameter and they said they'd not seen this on the many 3.0d's they'd handled prior.  As such the intake plenum needed to come off too in order to get in, rather than using alien fingers like normal.  Anyway, all good after all this was sorted and I went to collect the car.

First thing I noted was the car did a regen.  But we're talking a serious regen here - white/ grey haze from the exhaust under acceleration visible in the rear view mirror (which stopped about a mile later and hasn't happened since), and bonkers heat on the tailpipes with the exhaust clanking from the heat when I got home and turned the ignition off.  It's never done that before. 

Now all cold starts are met with a proper "vrooom" when the engine starts, and instant smooth running, whereas before it would sort of cough into life and feel a bit lumpy, almost misfiring when in minus temps.  The engine is also smoother to drive before reaching normal operating temps and I dare say has improved mpg - you can actually see there is less throttle needed to maintain cruising speed on the motorway than before.  Hoping this isn't my imagination but I'd say this has taken me from late 20's into early 30's mpg wise.  I need to brim it to really do the math.

How much of this improved running is down to active glow plugs at the right times vs a proper regen taking place I'm not sure, but it's made it all much better.

So the question is, clearly the glow plug controller is involved in the regen process and heavily by the looks of this.  This clearly wasn't working with a faulty module, so:

1. How long would a faulty glow plug controller need to be in place for it to kill your DPF?
2. If the 2 are so closely linked, then getting these things checked and replaced should be high on many peoples agendas, yes?

Thoughts and comments welcome. :)


General X5 Forum (E70) / 19" Star rated non-RFT's on Black Circles
« on: February 21, 2018, 02:33:35 PM »
Hi all,

When the current 19" Duellers are done I'll be going to non RFT's, and I'm currently having a look on Black Circles at what my options are. 

Now the "specialist fitment" drop down box has BMW in it but select that and the only tires that pop up are RFT's, no mention of star marking anywhere.

Can I ask what others have opted for and what their experiences of them were, with regards to ride (the main reason for me ditching the stupid concrete RFT's), noise and wear rates?  On 19" I'd have hoped there would have been a few to choose from......

TIA, Chris.

P.S I'm not wanting to debate the decision to go non-RFT as that ship has sailed, this is just a query as to what tyre choices I'd have that are guaranteed to be star marked.

Hi all,

So I've been mulling this one over a little with regards to how sensitive these cars are to tyre size differences, and short of asking BMW (where I'm not expecting them to have the foggiest) I thought I'd post up some thoughts first.

Now as we're (mostly) aware, using * marked tyres is recommended due to the tighter checks around sizes etc and for the protection of the transfer case, but how do we stand when it comes to pressure differences and also different rates of wear between front and back, especially with the lack of a centre diff to soak up the difference?

The tyre pressures advised are higher on the rear than the front, and couple that with potentially different rates of wear (more at the front?) and potentially a staggered setup on the M's how do we stand? 

Do we not only have to use * marked tyres but also make sure they're within a certain amount of MM tread left across all 4, and also make sure the pressures are X PSI to guarantee as close a rolling radius front to back as possible?  The ABS uses rolling radius to detect tyre pressures being out so if the differences can be big enough for that to pick it up, surely that's more than enough to be damaging to the transfer box?

General X5 Forum (E70) / Glow plug control module
« on: January 19, 2018, 11:55:39 AM »
Hi guys,

Has anyone replaced this on the 3.0d?  Mine has a fault code and it is a bit lumpy on (really) cold starts so I'd like to swap it out.  I gather it's under the intake manifold on these things based on videos of people doing it on 335D's I've found on YouTube....

Part wise, it looks like it's a Beru unit now? - like this:




General X5 Forum (E70) / Electronic parking brake failed :(
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:08:07 PM »
So, yesterday I drove about 50 miles from home to drop my daughter off, and upon parking up I applied the parking brake as I usually do.  There was immediately a loud screeching / grinding noise as the parking brake came on.  "That didn't sound good" I thought.....  When I tried to release the parking brake to set off again, an error popped up on the iDrive saying "parking brake failure" and the yellow parking brake light came up on the dash.  First thought was to use the emergency release cable in the boot, but pulling this did nothing.  It allowed me to pull it up a good few inches and no matter how hard I pulled it would not allow me to pull it any further.

So, I had to call the recovery company to collect the car (using little trolleys under the wheels) and take it to the nearest garage, which as it happens was a BMW dealer about 50 yards away.  Very frustrating as it was a Sunday night where everything is closed and the dealer in question was visible from the front seat of my car.  :(

Has anyone had this before?  Based on the noise I'm thinking this is something mechanical that's failed as opposed to physical?

Not expecting it to be cheap to fix.  :(

General X5 Forum (E70) / Soft close tailgate takes a couple of goes
« on: January 11, 2018, 02:45:39 PM »
Hi all,

Noticed ever since I got the car that you either have to use too much force to close the boot (ala slam) or if you try letting the soft close take care of it, it takes 2 goes to make it do its thing.  As in you'll gently pull it down, it'll click but not do anything else.  You then lift it an inch or 2 and let it go again and it immediately latches with a click and pulls itself shut.  It's like the first closure attempt/ click somehow resets it and then you try again and it works.

Question is, is this a lubrication thing where the latch is not going into the position it should when the boot is open, thus is "ready" for soft closure straight away, or is it just faulty?

For the record I do have a little bit of insulation tape on the loops on the lower part of the split tailgate to stop it all rattling.  Not sure if that's a factor.



General X5 Forum (E70) / ConnectedDrive - Am I missing something?
« on: December 21, 2017, 05:37:34 PM »
Hi all,

So, in the iDrive menu I have connected drive.  And after decoding my VIN it includes following:

S6AA   BMW TeleServices
S6AB   Control, Teleservices
S8SC   Telematics access request,country-spec.
S612           BMW Assist
S615           Extended BMW Online Information
S616      BMW Online

Am I right in thinking that i should have some form of "online" services from BMW for my car? 
I've been onto the ConnectedDrive website from BMW and registered and tried adding my vehicle via VIN but it says that "a secure message could not be sent to my car at this time" and I need to call.

Questions are, is there a subscription that needs to be renewed with the options apparently being specified on the car and what sort of functionality can I expect?

Thanks i advance,


General X5 Forum (E70) / 223 Wheel colour code
« on: December 11, 2017, 03:08:15 PM »
Hi all,

Anyone know what the official colour code is for the style 223 wheels?  Seems a bit more "chromey" than your standard wheel greys to me.  This is just so I can get a touch up stick to tide me over till I can get a re-furb as the previous owner seemed to gravitate towards kerbs a little.....



General X5 Forum (E70) / Newbie with a couple of Q's :)
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:43:21 AM »
Hi all,

Picked up a Black Sept 2011 LCI 3.0d M Sport last month after trading in a 2010 320d SE Touring.  Got the 7 seat option which was the main driver behind the replacement as we have a 3rd child on the way, so our 2x 8 year olds (we had one each from previous marriages before anyone tries to do the math) can jump into the back making room for the car seat :)   Missus wanted a Disco 4 but we don't live in Emmerdale and I wanted something that was more reliable, less thirsty and drives better than those.  Other option was a similar age Q7 but those things are simply huge, give really poor MPG from what I read and are a bit too drug dealer-esque for my liking......  The E70 IMO was the safest bet, based on my previous experience with BMW after owning an E30, 2x E36's and the E91.

Otherwise it's nice to have some equipment as the E91 SE was truly poverty spec.  Heated leather, Xenons, Nav, the aforementioned 7 seats etc - makes it feel like a sizeable upgrade and going from the 2.0d 184 to a 245bhp 6 pot feels much more grown up too.  Reminds me a little of my old E36 320i M50 in some respects, just doesn't like to rev the same....  I do miss getting 47mpg without even trying admittedly (this thing seems to get about 33 on average and that's driving conservatively), and much cheaper insurance but this is the price I've paid I guess.

Anyway, the car has a few things that need sorting so I figured I'd enquire on here for advice :)

1. I need 2x new inner rear light clusters and seals.  The N/S one is cracked in an obvious way so needs replacing, and I replaced the foam seal on the O/S one on Saturday as it was steaming up, only to find that it was cracked too down one of the seams where the plastic is moulded together.  Out came the clear silicone sealant as a stop gap.  As such I need a pair of replacements.
Spoke to a BMW stealer and they wanted £184 for the N/S one alone, but I've been looking at non genuine ones as an alternative, such as on eBay etc.  Are there any recommended ones that look / feel as OEM as possible but don't cost the earth?

2. I need a new boot luggage cover as mine is missing.  I didn't use it much in the E91, just now and then but I've realised that not having it at all in the E70 is pretty annoying.  Most likely the previous owner took it out with the 7 seats being in use and forgot to put it back in / lost it (I didn't notice when buying the car and got it from a car dealership).  Where can I pick up one of these, used, again not paying new money?  Mine is the standard black interior so I assume the replacement is black / grey?

3. RFT's.  I ditched these on the E91 as they tramlined more than a tramliney thing and didn't help the ride much, although the squishy SE suspension kinda soaked most of that up.  But on the E70 the ride can be downright atrocious and it's only on 19's.  I assume dropping these for non-RFT's is as beneficial as I'm expecting?

4. I need a new head rest stem catch thingy for one of the 3rd row seats - the thing that you feed the head rest into and have to squeeze to pull the head rest out.  I've looked on ETK but am not sure of the exact part I need so any advice would be appreciated :)

5. The car had a tow bar on it prior to me - that much is clear as there's a 2" cut out in the rear bumper.  To avoid having to get a whole new bumper for now, is there a little cover or piece of trim that can be obtained to make it look a little less obtrusive?  Say for those that don't want to have the tow bar on year round and don't want the gap there when not attached.

6. Tempted to change the air filter.  There was no "set" service interval for this on the 2.0d and I know when I did it the car was noticeably better on fuel etc - just didn't have to be worked as hard really.  However I'm not sure what kind I need as on ECP there are a couple of different types and none match the guides I've seen on YouTube etc on replacing it, which looks like you have to dismantle part of the intake manifold to do it.....

7. The boot 12v socket doesn't work.  The ones in the back of the arm rest / centre console work fine (which I believe share the same fuse?), as does the one in the front of the car but not this one.  I do wonder if it's related to there being a tow bar on there at some point so if anyone has any experience of solving this any advice would be appreciated :)

That's all for now!



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