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By 'bigger' do you mean wheel size or tyre size?


Sorry Richard by bigger I was meaning wider, the antara has 19" wheels with 235/50/19 tyres on, they are hankook with a normal road tread. The car is 4WD and has been pretty good, I towed a motorhome off a wet field a few months back.

The problem I had was trying to reverse an 1800kg caravan back, on even the slightest slope in a field there is no traction at all.

I was originally thinking that the x5 with 255 front and 285 rear or bigger would have better weight distribution on the bigger tyres and not sink so much but reading on the forum I guess it's more about the tread getting plugged up no matter what the size.

That's why I was wondering if a grabber etc would perform better on grassy fields. I think I've read so much I've baffled myself

Had a read through the winter tyre thread, most people seem to be concerned with snow and proper cold, as I live in cornwall I may be over thinking this.
It is rarely that cold, last winter we hardly had one frost and winter tyres per se I am reading go on when the average ambient temp is below 7 degrees or so.

What I really need are tyres that work on muddy fields occasionally and cope with large amounts of rain on Tarmac.

Should I still be looking for grabber uhp to fit in the winter? Or is it overkill for us in the south as it never snows it just gets wet.

I had assumed a bigger tyre would be better on muddy fields, is this wrong?

Cheers condor, I'll check that thread out, and thanks for all the info

Absolutely no reason for me not to buy one then! Woohoo!

Thanks, that's really useful, what is the standard size wheel for the e53 4.6is? Ones I've seen seem to be on huge 20" rims with low profiles

Hi folks, currently have a 2.2cdti antara 4x4, tedious but thankfully lease is up early next year and I've been looking at getting an E53 X5, wanting the V8 as I've missed a big lump since the Mercedes CLK320 went.

We have the Antara to tow our caravan and in the winter some sites and farm lanes can be quite soggy, I want to have some fun when the caravan is not on the back but I also need to make sure I've got tyres that can cope with a bit of muck when needed as the caravan weighs in at 1800kg.

Any suggestions? Can you get an all terrain tyre that is suitable for the 4.4 or 4.6 or are they really designed to sit on road tyres due to wheel arch size and large rims.

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