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General X5 Forum (E70) / E70 from E53
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:23:06 PM »
I am hopefully looking at trading in my E53 for a 59 plate E70 but need some advice if possible please.
Searching the internet and forums does help but the info is a little confusing.  Which model has the best body and cabin them sport or SE ?
Which engine is the better one 3.0 d 30d 3.0d 35d etc,  it will be a diesel I buy.
Do they all come with heated seats (my E53 didnt)
Basically I want to be able to search for a car with the best interior and gadgets if possible but appreciate a lot might be optional extras.
Any help or advice is greatly accepted.
Many thanks

Thanks pal. I'll see if I can take it out and have a look to see if shows sign of damage. Must admit I'm on the verge or forgetting about it as it's driving me mad. I just hate things not working even though I don't know I had a webasto for the last 2 years

Cheers x5 sport .
That does make sense although I'm a bit annoyed that the webasto specialist didn't pick this up as I asked them to check.
Is the pcb easy to remove or is it a major strip down ?
Many thanks

Guys I need help
I removed the errors and once it had been run the same errors came back. It was booked into an auto electrician but that was a waste of time because they told me what the errors were which I knew anyway (I thought they were just testing the webasto as they were webasto specialists) . Anyway I had had a new circulating pump fitted and the other was definitely faulty. A mechanic who I know  tested the combustion air fan on the webasto and he said when he run lives to it it worked. However when assembled  the unit still doesnt fire or make any noise  at all not even when a live is applied to the little wire on the webasto. If the fault code is showing as the combustion air fan faulty, but it only works when stripped down and a live added what the hell can be wrong.  Could the circuit board be broke?
Also does the circulating fan only work when the webasto is working ?  As this doesnt buzz when the engine is running either .
Thanks for any help you can offer .

Thanks smee I'll do that and see what happens next .

I have managed to run the bmw scanner and it brought this up , can anyone help with what it means please?
Is the circulation pump the only faulty bit I don't really understand the readout .
Many thanks

Problems / Re: Checking electrical connection
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:50:48 PM »
Sorry guys.
My original post was about the scanning tool  but then in that postI was told to check to see if the webasto worked  first. Fault codes showed circulation pump and combustion air fan. I had a few good helpful replies to that post. However I thought it was easier asking about the electrical testing under another heading rather than confusing my other post. Lesson learnt for the future.

Cheers horizon I think I will get that checked and work back from there.

Problems / Checking electrical connection
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:49:42 PM »
Hi and Happy New Year
Im trying to sort out a problem with my auxillary heater. However a diagnosic  is showing a problem with the circulating pump.
I'm not very electricaly minded but I put the ignition on and tried a tester between earth and then one wire at a time . Tried both wires and nothing lit the tester up . Am I doing right ? Should it have shown live at the wiring or am I doing something wrong. I don't want to spend 100 pound and it's not the pump but an issue elsewhere in the wiring .

I'm sure I did but I will try again. I'm still unsure of the errors , the circulating pump and the combustion air fan. Would these show as faults if the fault was somewhere else in the first place. I've got to check the circulating pump but without taking it off I'm not sure which wire is meant to be live ...

Cheers mate I'll wait for your response

Have you read this Hairdye?


You may find it interesting.

Yes mate think I've read that much I can't understand what to do next. I just don't want to buy the water pump and air fan and it still wont work. If I knew it was justthese two items would stop the webasto starting or making any noise at all i would feel better lol

Thanks for the reply mate. I have scoured the internet for as much info as I can regarding this issue but there are so many different responses I'm struggling to make sense of it all. One user stated the pcb boards go bad so that was another of my could it be the pcb that stopped my two items working. I'll have another search on here for the bloke you mentioned and see what I can find.
Many thanks

I started this thread under a different heading originally but I now need help with the webasto if possible please.
There is no signs of life when I unlock the car (which it used to hum)
I have tried running a live wire to the number 1 pin and nothing happens.
The mechanic in our street has run his diagnostic machine and it came up with the following,
AC heater
32 additional heater
Then when he clicked on that it stated
STH Parking heater
02 combustion air fan
03 circulation pump

If these two items were faulty would that stop the webasto making any noise at all ?
Is there a separate way of testing these items ?
Really need your help if possible guys, I've had the car 2 years and never knew about the webasto but now I do I'm one of those people that can't cope with errors or things not working.
Any help would really be appreciated

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: How scan tool
« on: December 29, 2017, 05:06:19 PM »
I'm in castleford so Doncaster not too far. The mechanic in our street just read the codes but not sure what he used to read them.
It came up A.C. heater IHKA / IHKR 32 additional heater....... then under that section it stated,
 STH Parking heater
02 combustion air fan
03 circulation pump

I'm still no wiser nor was the mechanic. Either way it doesnt make any noise at all..im stuck.
I'm going to start a new thread as this one was originally for the scan tool but I was told I needed to find out if my webasto worked  first .

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