SUV residual values - latest data

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Re: SUV residual values - latest data

Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:09 pm

Only reason for me is time and money, I can not fix cars, don't want to fix cars, need to be mobile as preferred form of transport, I don't like paying out for repair costs, for me it is far more easier to have new. Although I have bought demos and don't really care how they have been treated pending they are in condition I expect, If I was buying a used car would most probably not buy mine as used for a tool to facilitate my lifestyle and treated as so. The maintenance side of things does my head in, I changed the RS4 due to the fact of always having to top up oil and nightmares with the buggy.
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Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:39 am

I totally agree with you, 4-6 month old cars with low mileage are as good as new but cheaper unless one specifically wants a brand new
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Re: SUV residual values - latest data

Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:27 am

Got my X @ 2.5 years months old. Half price of new. One owner. 28k miles. Options were basically free as with resids, they effectively only get paid for at new. Also, remember no VAT on used and @ 20% now that is a major lot of cash to shell out to HMRC.

With 6 months manufacturers warranty took away my fears of major bugs (!!). I got EVERYTHING remedied in the warranty period right down to seat leather, grill, steering wheel cover, wonky speaker/amp, etc.! Dealer was happy to do it.

To me it was an absolute no brainer. I could affordably have paid £50k, but instead I chose to pay £25k! Thats also the only way I would ever buy an E70.

Each to their own - remember, we all need folks to buy new!
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Re: SUV residual values - latest data

Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:32 pm

I agree with the sentiments of brewer and a number of others above - I've not had many brand new cars in my life, although I could afford to buy new, it just doesn't make sense - I tend to like really big engined prestige motors, take my Audi S8 for instance - cost new a shade under £70K, bought 3 years later low mileage and perfectly maintained, for £25K. Huge depreciation that I didn't have to suffer. The car was one of the least troublesome I have ever owned, and only needed consumables until recently, at 10 years old, the alternator failed. Similar situation with the X - the spec was almost every tickable box BMW offered at the time, for less than half the price paid by the original owner and a full BMW Warranty.
My company car conundrum (didn't want to pile up mileage on the X and the company car allowance wouldn't really run an X anyway) was solved by buying a pre-registered Ford Kuga - Kia messed about so much, I cancelled, and needed something without the factory wait - so hunted for the best spec on an almost new Ford managers / dealer demo and found one with 2000 miles registered end November 2010. Company got £5K off the list price (optioned up to the max) and I got the car right away.

I have to agree with this being a no-brainer for me, though - I will always prefer to buy a more expensive and better optioned car when its a year or two old than buy a brand new lesser car ......and even if the money is there to burn, I probably would want to burn it elsewhere!!!!! Luckily we are all different - we need ongoing stocks of well specced decent cars coming through for us to buy used , so keep up the orders!!!
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Re: SUV residual values - latest data

Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:20 pm

Have noticed the e70 prices def dropping on 07-58 plates in line with the OP post. Prob the rising fuel costs and e70mpg will account for some of it.
TBH I though residual values that were being asked for the 07, 57 plate e70 cars were OTT, now that they are 3.5/4 years old traders ain't getting the prices they were.

On the new vrs used viewpoint, I think both have valid points & if I could afford to comfortably buy new I would, as opposed to trawling used dealers looking at worn/abused /uncared for cars trying to find the "diamond in the rough"

Anyways after selling my e53 I was looking at alternative 4WD cars, but I keep coming back to the e70, so its save another few months and I'll probablly find myself in one. ;)

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