Full Engine Power No Longer Available

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Re: Full Engine Power No Longer Available

Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:00 pm

For those of you that are interested I will post email trail with BMW and want they want to charge for there diagnostics.

1) this is my First email to them after I had met with the senior technician

Hello Lisa

On Thursday you told me that the senior technician had finally identified the cause of the failing power to the engine and I have received the estimate for the works needed to the turbo.

I also met with Paul Larnach senior technician on Friday he told me:
*That he did not know that EGR value had been replaced on the vehicle
*That the glow plug control unit needs replacing
*The fault regeneration diagnostic test didn’t happen ( I didn’t know this).
* The walnut blast didn’t happen ( I did not know this)
* The turbo was removed ( I did not know this).

Please email me exactly what my bill is to date.

They responded with

Hello Michelle,

Apologies for delay,

Egr was replaced by the first technician that was working on the vehicle, as this was the a fault that was stored when the car was first tested.

The regeneration was not carried out due to the glow plug fault, so until that has been fitted then we cannot complete the regeneration. So it makes sense to do the control unit and the regen once everything has been completed.

Intake ports clogged would cause power loss and the swirl flaps were only opening 85% required 90% on further inspection we removed the manifold and found that the walnut blasting not required the time that we had allocated and that had been authorised previously with keely. The reasoning for this was to make sure that the correct diagnosis had been carried out, which we could then confirm the Turbo is required.

Total so far is the egr & initial diag is £567.44
Glow plug control unit when required is £434.95

I know Keely had quoted £972.00 for manifold to be removed and walnut blasting the total then to pay was up to £1975.40

As you are aware the walnut blasting has not been done so we have taken time from this the total for the diag is £486.00.

Apologies if some of this did not get explained to you however I know Keely had tried to call you a number of time to explain certain things and unfortunately as she is away I am not sure how far she got up to with you.

I am in the office from 11.00 tomorrow should you wish any further help and advice,

Kind regards


I responded with

Afternoon Lisa

‘Total so far is the egr & initial diag is £567.44’, so this is want I owe if I was to take the vehicle back today?

I am not sure what you mean when you say ‘As you are aware the walnut blasting has not been done so we have taken time from this the total for the diag is £486.00’.

The estimate you sent seems to be for two turbos, is that correct?




Bmw responded with

No problem,

Egr and initial diag is £567.44 and then you authorised £972.00 with keely for the manifold to be removed and the walnut blasting, which would have brought the total up to £1539.44

The glow plug control unit which you also authorised was £434.95 So the total for everything which you had authorised is £1974.39

When we stripped off the manifold to carry out walnut blasting we found that this was not required and paul believed the issue was with the turbo, he then inspected this and found that the turbos are required. (Keely had tried to call you on a number of occasions and as you are aware she is away so I am not privy to any conversations that she had with you.)

This then cuts the bill from the above amount to £1488.39

If you do not want the glow plug unit fitted, I will need to see if we can send that part back as they are ordered normally to chassis.

And the estimate that we sent over was for the two turbos.

I hope this explains it.
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Re: Full Engine Power No Longer Available

Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:31 pm

marti wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:32 pm
Leslie wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:01 pm
Shocking level of incompetence there for a main dealer :( egr this /manifold that FFS it lost 6 litres of oil unless there is a hole in the sump its probably burning its own oil from the turbo and the dpf will mask this till it can't cope anymore :?
Good call...but surely it would be smoking out the rear??....
I'm not sure to be honest depends how much oil it getting if its getting a steady trickle it may be able to cope with that ,The oil has probably been lost over 1000's of miles rather than say 50 miles.It pays to check your oil level ! Dpf is great at stopping smoke that why its fitted ,but with so little oil left the engine is quite possibly damaged now anyway :(
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Re: Full Engine Power No Longer Available

Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:34 pm

£ 972 to clean an inlet manifold ? surely a new one would cost less even from BMW . Glowplug controller is a very common fault and needs the inlet of usually to fit as its under it and hard to reach .
Reading that you owe 2k now and that's before 2 turbos so probably the same again maybe more , both them broken its usually only the smaller one but maybe the new cars have equal size turbos (I dunno) but given the oil situation may well be ....With the main dealer labour the cost soon becomes frightening !

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