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Hi Everyone,

Hope someone might point me in the right direction:

I run a 2012 X6 and I have an irritating noise coming from the n/s/f wheel area, It sounds to me very much like a worn wheel bearing type noise.ie da da da da da etc. or even d da, d da, d da, d da etc
Up to press this is what I have had done:
I have so far had the n/s/r wheel bearing changed ,thinking it may be from the rear n/s but no!
I have just had the front n/s wheel bearing changed ,which I do believe seems to have quietened something!
I did take it to a indy BMW garage who believed it was a wheel bearing but didn't know which? They advised me to leave it until it got worse so they could pinpoint which bearing! They said that the had done a test on the transfer box and it was ok ,
I have changed my tyres from 'economy brands' to Pirelli , but alas the noise is still there!!
The sound is not a squeal or thud or bang, and there is nothing felt through the steering wheel? The sound as mentioned is more of a 'da da da da da 'etc, its not really that loud (my wife says she can't hear it !) but whereby the rest of the car is very quiet on the road , this da da da da is doing my head in! Any suggestions? Thanks

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