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First BMW - an older X3

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:02 pm
by ACintertec
Hello all, thought I'd say Hi instead of lurking in the background as is my usual habit.

I bought perhaps the cheapest (in the UK) BMW X3 2.0d a couple of weekends ago - a 2004 with cream leather interior. It was cheap as the MOT has nearly expired. Foolish I know but I thought I'd take a chance as its got nearly FSH and the last lady owner had it for six years and part ex'd it for another X3 - so she maybe she had a good enough experience with this one to want another? That was my 'Logic' anyhow! I got it off an established dealer near Hazel Grove in S Manchester.

The car appears to drive nicely - it seems to have been looked after - bodywork and paint is good n fresh, excepting a few short key marks. No lights on the dash, clear exhaust and the oil/water look good too. There are a few minor 'features' The front ds electric window doesn't work (stuck up) The parking sensors don't work, the dipped beam needs adjusting and the hand brake needs adjusting. I can probably fix those things myself.

I've come from driving (wait for it....) a Ford Probe GT. I've always been into classics and Probe's are still cheap and an interesting car. It was written off recently when someone rear ended us at high speed at traffic lights off the motorway. My wife's Saab died some months back, so the X3 is currently our only car. Why an X3? Well - we were given a Mercedes GLA180 as a courtesy car for the last 2 months. I suppose the shock of the crash made us appreciate that high up and visible feeling you get from these cars - I looked at X5's, too expensive to run and X3's are more within our price range.

I was looking to spend up to £3500 on one but then this came up at a lot less and I kinda went for it. Its had one 'hiccup' so far - a new starter motor. I hope that's its last burp for a while!


Re: First BMW - an older X3

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 6:11 pm
by Leslie
:hi: all older cars have issues and starter motors are a very common fitted 2 to family cars in last year. The window probably needs a regulator to work again. Hand brake often poor on bmws I found my e46 one was always bad in a short time again.
Looks good and I do like beige leather.

Re: First BMW - an older X3

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 6:59 pm
by ACintertec
Hello Leslie,

Thanks for the welcome :-)

The 'new' car is growing on me - took it out for two long country drives with my wife n kids yesterday. Probably did ~80 miles in total, pouring rain, through a deep ford - great fun! I've never driven a 4x4 until now, there is a feeling of being somewhat glued to the road and a heavy lump being propelled relentlessly. My confidence has grown somewhat in the car, considering its age and the minimal price I paid - we will see tomorrow as I try and get it through an MOT.