additional car to my X5

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additional car to my X5

Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:43 am

Thinking of increasing the portfolio.

Id like;

probably diesel (due to high mileage but will consider petrol/lpg)
fuel cost/mpg is important (ie I want better than the E53 2004 3.0D X5 that I have currently

£5kish  maybe up to £7k

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Re: additional car to my X5

Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:02 am


You could look for the e46 shape 2001-2005 320d or 330d estate and probable good fuel consumption

or poss the later e91/92 shape but they are probably over budget depending on spec & mileage, I know shad rack has a 318 estate which I think is a diesel you could pm him and see what they are at as I know he's pleased with his estate.

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Re: additional car to my X5

Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:15 pm

You will definately get a e90/91 for that budget, we have the 318d although it is surprisingly frugal (up to 60ish mpg) for me its a little flat (having the ml63 doesnt help) but my other half swears by it, we bought it with high milage 150k around 18months ago , it was high milage but 1 owner and full bmw service history, its just clicked onto 160k the other day and in that time its wanted nothing, it looks and drives like new.  Ive had many high milage cars in the past but non have been as tight as the e91.

As for budget we payed £5000 for it 18 months ago, its a 318d msport le mans edition e91, its not got nav and its the 6 speed manual although its got factory 18s so looks nice.  Admittingly we got it so cheap as it was from a van centre that took it as px so they just valued it as a high milage bmw and failed to relise it was a sport etc, at the time similar models were around 7k with low milage been around 10k.

this isnt it but this is the same....

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