FS: Winter Wheels set

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FS: Winter Wheels set

Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:22 am

Yes, another set, advertised where life seems to be approaching extinction, but nothing ventured etc.

So, these were an all consuming desire last year, required effort to sort of course and research as to suitability etc.

Style 259 staggered rims properly stripped and refurbished and refinished in BMW Orbit Grey powder coat. After much research, these are fitted with BMW * rated Pirelli Scorpion winter tyres and are non runflat. Tyres are 285 40 20 all round on the staggered rims as supplied by BMW for the F15 models, so a square tyre set up on staggered rims. They've never been bolted to a car since the refurb.

I would like to recover my costs of £1600. We all know what these would cost from a dealer or even Wheels Direct. Not inexpensive I know but for what they are, they are cheap.

It seems likely my X6 is going to move over for a lesser /older car. Being abroad so much its a waste of a fabulous bit of kit sitting idle for extended periods.

Anyway, the wheels. Pictures aren't the best i'm afraid :( but are all i have to hand currently, the wheels are in storage. They are obviously and literally perfect, the camera has produced different colour hues, the most accurate rendition is shown in pics 1, 2 & 4

Collection only i'm afraid from ME19 Kent and beer tokens preferred £s or €s if it helps, but a BT wouldnt offend me either :wink:

Before i add pictures, they'll probably be rotated :headbang: message me for e-mailed pics if desired.
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