2005 E53 4.8iS

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2005 E53 4.8iS

Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:36 pm

For sale is my BMW X5 4.8iS (E53)

Only for sale due to a change in family circumstances (a baby on the way !)

I had to look at alot of these before I found this one when I was looking as it ticks all the boxes and has none of the common but expensive problems !

First of all the mileage is correct - its 226,000 and if thats an issue then thanks for reading this far however if you are more worried about condition than the number on the dashboard then please read on !

The vehicle drives as it should - no funny noises, no warning lights, no lack of power and no dodgy gear shifts.

Brakes and tyres are all in good condition (rear tyres are new)

If you have done any research or have viewed a few then im sure you know all the common issues that they suffer from and this one has none of those issues :
Valve stem seals - no smoking present at idle, when driving etc
Alternator oil seal - changed within the last year
Automatic gearbox - all changes are smooth with no lurching
Panoramic roof - all working correctly and no leaks
Speedometer - all pixels displaying correctly
Air suspension faults - no longer possible as removed and converted to springs with all genuine BMW parts and no faults displaying as has been coded correctly for the conversion.
Faulty door handles - all working correctly

There is full service history in the book from brand new up until the last service (10,000 miles ago)
Last year the alternator gasket, coolant hoses, front brake hoses, rear brake pipes, front cv boots and door handle were replaced.

Since purchasing at the very start of the year I have had the following work done :
Converted the air suspension to springs with genuine BMW parts and associated programming
Replaced both rear brake hoses
Replaced both rear tyres and had wheel alignment checked (I have pictures of the old tryes to show even wear)

The vehicle currently has 12 months MOT with no advisories and the last MOT was also clear of advisories

Being pre 2006 its the lower tax model and is also ULEZ (toxicity) charge exempt

As you would expect for a 14 year old vehicle it does have a couple of small dents and scuffs and they are visible in the pictures.

So what are the other bad bits :

Passenger side rear window does not go down but can be heard clicking
Passenger side rear parking sensor surround is missing (sensor still working correctly)
Slight oil leak from passenger front rocker cover gasket

If you have any questions or would like more pictures / videos of something specifc then please ask.

Test drives will only be entertained if you can prove you have adequate insurance and the money to pay for the vehicle if not I can drive.


Pictures should be attached below :)
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