2012 X1 rotational banging

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2012 X1 rotational banging

Sun May 26, 2019 12:56 pm


My X1 has started to thump when rotation in low gears! It feel as if the driveshafts are missing or jumping making the whole car shudder when driving. Particularly when driving a long distance.

My research has indicated the traction case actuator, however, when I switch the engine of and the car is in free mode there are no sounds nor banging coming from the car but when u put the ignition on the rotational thumping immediately starts which indicates it’s an electrical issue-

Has any one got any idea what this can be?
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Re: 2012 X1 rotational banging

Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:27 am

Hi, I have a similar issue. I’ve not had the car long and noticed a clunk noise when driving down to Cornwall. Not noticed anything till we took it on a long trip and I suppose everything got fully up to temp. Ours is an auto and when you release the brake and the car crawls forward you can feel a regular clunk, like a drive shaft or transfer case spline drive is worn / slipping. Nothing at all over 10mph. I’ve checked underneath and I can only feel 1-2mm if play in the front output shaft. Is this normal? I’ve had a few BMWs but this is my first xdrive I’ve had so a 4wd noob I’m afraid.

Also has a slight shake at higher speed but I’m getting wheel balance and tracking checked today so hope that is the shake issue.

I know tyre wear can be an issue with xdrive but tyres are good and wear is even, FBMWSH, 48k so not high miles abused etc

Hope you get your issue sorted as it may help me!! :thumbsup:

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