Remote locking not working.

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Remote locking not working.

Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:02 pm

Hello, here are some smart ppl-l and i got very much help with my transfercase issue.

So my facelift disel is in excelent condion and now i bought one more, and already having some advanced problems there.. :D

So here it is 2002 3.0i Petrol + LPG
And his Key remote (remote locking / unocking is not working.)

Here is what i have tried :

1. Key battaray is fully charged and works
(Tested it on my disel - synced to there and works excelent) - sync does not help on petrol.
2. Central console lock button works, interior lights all work, so prob GM module is ok?
3. When i lock car with key from door "barrel" then all doors + petrol cap lock, also alarm does his "beep" and turn lights flash
4. Tailgate wount open also.
5. Chaned remote reciver - Center of upper tailgate. - Nothing.
6. No errors on modules (PA soft..).
7. Tried like 100 times to sync key to car, works 100% of times on disel, 0% on petrol..

So what to check or what to do now? :D

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