Sat Nav update

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Sat Nav update

Sun Jul 07, 2019 4:20 pm

I know this subject can cause toys to be thrown out of prams on here, but I would dearly love to bring my sat nav up to date as much as poss.
Can I purchase one of the newer versions that are advertised on evil bay, ( if so which one would work ), or is there a more hush hush route :fuelfire:
I have the dvd version in my 4.6.
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Re: Sat Nav update

Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:43 pm

You can, and I have. I bought an ex-stock OEM BMW DVD last year for our E46 at a fraction of the Dealer price simply because it wasn’t the very latest release. It works perfectly.

Make sure that the DVD is listed against the Mk4 system, or car model. If it lists for the MOST bus based cars then it’s no good. Those are (I’m told) the first generation iDrive cars.

Apart from legally ‘dodgy’, many of the copy discs use DVD-R which you can burn in a computer. Genuine discs are ‘pressed’ and the pits are much better so you don’t get disc reading errors caused by the laser not being able to focus as well on burned pits. They’re fine in a computer but not in a car and the heat that most car interiors can get to shortens the life of DVD-R type discs.
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