A nice pair?

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A nice pair?

Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:34 pm

Its Sunday and i'm idling away my morning after a bacon sarnie and lovely fresh coffee 8)

When the X6 broke cover and for years after i was openly critical of it. I was not understanding of the concept and certainly not the looks. Fast forward to 2015 and after long term ownership of a glorious V8 E53, i dramatically changed my direction and desires and went to a BMW sports coupe. This was never a fully consummated ownership though, whilst lovely i never really bonded with it for daily use, it was just too different. So i bought a Subaru Outback for its 4WD and luggage carrying capabilities, (way better than the E53 btw) to back up the coupe.

Fast forward again to 2018, full retirement, relocation and another change of needs. Remarkably, i had grown to like and appreciate the X6 so bought one. I don't buy new so set about finding a pre- owned. I found a fantastic one owner 35d with just 29k miles on the odometer, FBMWSH a great spec and colour so bought it :thumbsup: Bye bye Subaru, a car i really liked and have appreciation for, they're great cars, my wife still has one.

Over the few months of X6 ownership i rarely see it and the 6er together as one is garaged the other not. I put the 6er up for sale recently but withdrew it as i think i have the perfect pair now and i can now see the design influence and possible inspiration for the X6 from the 6series. Theyre not the same colours being silver grey and space grey but close enough. I'm very content with a sunny summers day cruiser and somewhat more practical 4x4 though the E53 and Subaru are better load luggers. The X6 wasn't designed with that in mind though was it.

Happy days.

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