Regeneration cycles - Engine power

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Regeneration cycles - Engine power

Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:47 pm

F15 X5 Diesel engine owners, have you experienced any regeneration cycles where the DPF burns soot/whatever it does. If so, when they happen have you noticed any major reduction in power output from the engine? (Specifically the x40D.)

Note: My older F10 520D used to have regeneration cycles, so am assuming the F15 X5 diesels do also.

The other day, I pulled out into a roundabout and the car just didn't move with the usual urgency, it was ultra lazy. Then I tried to give a bit of welly a few more times, and the same again. No faults, no warning lights. I turned on the sports display and BHP/Torque gauges were maxing out at about 50% or so. The car also didn't kick down gears, or rev beyond about 3,000 revs.

The next day everything was back to normal again. Power deffo hits 320 BHP and torque deffo hits 600+.

Not sure if this was caused by the car performing some kind of regeneration cycle, or just a random gremlin.

Any one got any thoughts?

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