KAMEI roof box Delphin 340 & Rails

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KAMEI roof box Delphin 340 & Rails

Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:44 pm

Beemer has gone so selling off the last of the items to free up some space in garage.

KAMEI roof box Delphin 340 including rails to fit F25 X3

1 year old and selling the lot for £275

Made from top quality 'DUROKAM', an ABS plastic developed by KAMEI to optimise weight, stability and impact resistance.
Wind tunnel development as well as TÜV and GS (security) testing and approval.
Opens from the left hand side.
Stabilus gas struts for wide and easy opening and closing.
Sliding box to bar fittings so there’s never a need to drill new holes if the distance between your roof bars is non standard.
This box comes with T-track adapters which slide into the slots in the top of aluminium roof bars (including all the aluminium bars we sell), and also with U-bolts (M8 thread) which will fit around bars up to 83mm wide x 32mm deep. It always makes sense to use T-track adapters with aluminium roof bars, because these allow you to position the box anywhere on the full length of the bars, it's visually a much smarter look (no bits of metal visible below the roof bar, also more aero-dynamic), and T-tracks allow you to push the box further back or forward than is possible with U-bolts - which can be important if there's a potential clash with a fully opened tailgate. This is the reason why KAMEI don't use claw style box to bar fittings - they can clash with the roof bar feet, limit box positioning, and often need to be replaced with extra-cost T-track adapters.
Weight 16kg empty, maximum load 75kg, gross loading limit 91kg.
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