E83 Coolant Engine Drain Plug location and access

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E83 Coolant Engine Drain Plug location and access

Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:33 am

2007 2.0d X3

Followed the newtis guide but the photo is useless because it could be anywhere:

https://workshop-manuals.com/bmw/x_seri ... /page_592/

Laying under the car with both the plastic and metal protective covers off, I thought I could see a nut that might be the engine coolant drain plug on the driver's side.

Does that sound right?

Do I need a really long 22mm ratchet ring spanner with access from beneath? (I think 22mm because Newtis gives the bolt as a M14x1.5).

Or is there a procedure I can follow that will give me access from above the engine bay? (Worried I will need to get a hand on the nut to be able to ensure correct seating for the thread)
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Re: E83 Coolant Engine Drain Plug location and access

Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:17 pm

If you're just after draining the coolant, just pop the lower hose off.
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Re: E83 Coolant Engine Drain Plug location and access

Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:05 pm

Don't know if it's the same setup as my 3.0d E83 2009 was, but mine had the air filter housing running along the front panel between the bonnet catch panel and the engine cover
I removed the airbox, a few torq screws and a jubilee clip ( 5 mins )
Then the fan assembly is secured to the radiator with a torq screw and a pull out rivet, then after unpluggingthe fan multiplug slide the whole fan assembly out ( 5 mins )
Then there is more than enough space to loosen the bottom hose and drain the coolant, I did it when swapping the thermostat.
Try YouTube X3 thermostat replacement videos
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