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hi all,have got a bmw x3,2004,3 litre petrol.had the car now for about 2 years,only problem I have now is a engine oil leak,when I first bought the car,the last owner had replaced the rocker cover gasket.last year it was leaking engine oil out of a pressure sensor,which fits in the bottom of the sump pan,i replaced that,all was good until now,as it has started leaking again around the rocker cover gasket,have read some where that it may be the crank case breather is blocked.has any one on here had to change one of these,any information for doing this job,will be help full to me,thanks,mick
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Hi, I get mine changed every 50-60k miles.  I use a indie to change mine although there are a few videos on you tube as to how to change it.
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