E83 3.0sd Exhaust/DPF Advice

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E83 3.0sd Exhaust/DPF Advice

Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:45 pm


I have discovered a hole in the top of the main dpf (middle box) on the exhaust system. I have tried sourcing a replacement dpf/section and unfortunately they aren't available on the aftermarket as the design of the exhaust system changed in 2008. 

I contacted the main dealer and I have been quoted over £2k for the replacement section including dpf.

Has anyone experienced the same problem and if so how did you sort it?
As a temporary solution it has been suggested that I get a patch welded onto the dpf....or a more permanent solution is I have found a company that will use the existing section including dpf as a template and create a new section and dpf....this means the x3 will be off the road for a week.

Any advice is appreciated....thanking you in advance. :)
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Re: E83 3.0sd Exhaust/DPF Advice

Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:33 pm

That all seems worryingly expensive, what sort of mileage has it done? I have the same model and thought that the exhaust seemed to be quite robust. Is it possible that at some point, the DPF has been removed and the system badly welded up again? I would imagine that the top would get cut open rather than the bottom so that it is harder to spot come MOT time. You may find that eBay or a specialist breakers will be your best bet as £2k is an awful lot of money. I hope you find a reasonably priced replacement.
Regards, Matt.

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