4 warning lights at the same time?

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4 warning lights at the same time?

Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:04 pm

Had a panic of a phone call yesterday from my wife whilst driving home from work. 4 warning lights came on at the same time?????
Have absolutely no idea where to start,so can anyone please advise? Photo attached below?
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Alan Gunn
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Re: 4 warning lights at the same time?

Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:26 am

Could be a wheel speed sensor ort he reluctor ring but a fault code scan is the best thing to start with.
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Re: 4 warning lights at the same time?

Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:42 pm

Hi same problem with mine, its the abs ring on both my rear driveshafts. rusted up and swelled up, been hitting the abs sensor in the hub. i removed the sensor from the hub and you could see the wear on it, also could see the rusted abs ring through the hole. abs rings £10 a pair but you need to remove the drive shafts p,i,a i have done the near side, old ring just fell off. I dropped the rear of the exhaust and removed the sway bar bolts to allow the driveshaft to be removed
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Re: 4 warning lights at the same time?

Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:02 pm

I had exactly the same, and it turned out to be the exact same issue as Rapidspec, but with just 1 of the rear wheels.

got the driveshaft off, used an angle grinder to remove the reluctor ring, cleaned up the shaft and fitted one from ebay for just a few quid. Replaced the worn sensor with a genuine BMW version (was warned off replicas by a good friend who has done ABS sensors on a couple of 3 series he's had). Fingers crossed, all is now fine.

Good luck getting it sorted.


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