Help with INPA codes

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Help with INPA codes

Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:44 am

OK so I have finally got INPA working albeit some stuff in German but I can live with that. The issue I have now is uderstanding the hex codes collection it has produced. I am sure it has been covered before but a few searches didnt really throw up what I needed to know.

So below is how it's displaying me the codes, I am a bit confused to where a hex code starts and where it ends?

35 05 28 30 FC 80 1E 67 14 34 60 FA 80 01 48 50
1D 67 16 80 01 48 50 1D 67

I have seen this:
And presume BDE 5 is the relevant list for e53 with M57.

Any help would be well received, thanks.


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