Diamond Cut alloy - paint finish alternative?

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Diamond Cut alloy - paint finish alternative?

Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:54 am

Morning all. I bought my 2015 approved used X5 with fully re-furbed alloys by BMW 4 months ago.

Already the diamond cut wheels are starting to corrode around the centre caps and other areas. Some of the finish is starting to show signs of lifting/flaking inside the drum between the spokes also (wheel style 469).

A couple of weeks ago I sent photos to the dealer along with a polite email advising I was surprised and disappointed by the quick deterioration of the finish considering the warm dry summer we have had.

Yesterday they replied asking if I would be happy for them to arrange for one of their more local retailers to me to review/refurb the alloys.

Firstly great customer service!
Secondly, any suggestions of an alternate powder coated or painted finish to avoid the same issue? Something that might give some depth to the finish or create the look of a diamond cut finish in some way? Chrome finish?

Suggestions and thoughts welcomed....
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Re: Diamond Cut alloy - paint finish alternative?

Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:07 pm

I’m getting mine fully powder coated and then airbrushed silver in the spokes. Think it will look great and be protected.
I had my winter wheels powder coated during the summer also.

I hate it when the diamond cut starts to go. My M2 is already going the same way and it’s only a year old

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