pre heating

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pre heating

Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:49 pm

I was reading on here a few weeks back about when the car preheats or not. I never really took any notice and just got in and fired her up. Since reading on here I now press button without my foot on brake to see and do notice now its saying pre heating on quite a few times which I suppose is normal with it being winter and cold but have noticed a few times including today when its done this and its 6oC degrees ? The other day it was 7.5 oC Degrees. Someone did a post about what temps set it off but sure its not meant to do it until its a least 4 oC ?? My question is, is this normal or is there a chance something somewhere not right ?? I still have BMW Warranty but have to pay an excess but obviously I will get it booked in if any one feels somethings broke or not right ?? Cheers
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Re: pre heating

Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:31 pm

Having started to pay attention to mine I can’t see anything abnormal in what you are seeing. Some cold days the light barely appears yet on other days with the same temp it’s on longer. It might be worth running a scanner over it to see if a plug has failed, but to be honest I had not noticed anything different with mine even with plug #6 out of action, albeit an E71. The F46 we have seems to be the same.
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