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Today at 06:10:00 PM by aj | Views: 41 | Comments: 3

Hi, new to the forum,
I've just purchased an X5 3.0D SE 2012 and notice a juddering (feels like the font) on the wheels when pulling away/turning, only at low speeds. no impact when the car reaches 15-20 mph.

Have read a couple of posts about drive shaft recalls .......... thought it may be something like that?

Garage suggested its wheel alignment and have offered to ch...
Yesterday at 06:27:01 PM by Marrow | Views: 119 | Comments: 7

How does a replacement front wheel bearing roughly cost including fitting ?

I though I had badly worn tyres but swapped them with a friend today and still have the same noise so looks like drivers front bearing is shot including the brake disk guard that’s loose.
Yesterday at 04:43:02 PM by Samg | Views: 27 | Comments: 0

One of my rear parking sensors has failed and was wondering how easy they are to replace
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