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Yesterday at 11:13:39 AM by alan996 | Views: 87 | Comments: 3

The water spray on my front windshield wipers is miserable..

The headlight washers clean more of the windscreen that these.. the back one seemsfine too.

Water flow seems ok but the are hitting the bottom of the screen when I use them.

I read somewhere there are separate pumps for each.. ideas, thoughts, things I can try ???

Sent from my Nexus...
September 25, 2016, 03:47:10 PM by henrym3
Views: 67 | Comments: 0

Been in touch with Jason for a chip tune, and am getting it done in Exeter. Unfortunately he no longer does the Simota carbon intake. However I have found another source for the Simota which arrived Friday, fitted Friday, sounds great when you put your foot down and pretty normal at steady throttle. Well impressed, just waiting on the garage in Exeter to make contact. BTW the Simota comes with an ...
September 23, 2016, 08:10:02 PM by Craney
Views: 203 | Comments: 6

Hi, has anybody got a bluefin remap on their 3.0sd/35d?  I had Bluefin on our old Focus ST and it was great, just wondered if anybody has tried it on their X5?. 

Thanks, Steve.
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