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Today at 09:00:36 PM by snrbrtsn | Views: 16 | Comments: 0

Does or has anyone ever pulled the door trims or know how these are fixed to the doors?
I’m thinking of removing prior to the polishing routine?

Today at 04:21:46 PM by pvr
Views: 50 | Comments: 0

The order for the X5M has been placed today, delivery sometimes in March so my faithful Carbon Black E70 40d M sport will then be going up for sale. It is the first BMW I have had with only a trivial warranty claim of the tail pipes edges going brown and had those replaced under warranty. Other than that, never had any claims for any work. W...
Today at 11:47:25 AM by Chrispy | Views: 143 | Comments: 11

Hi all,

So I've been mulling this one over a little with regards to how sensitive these cars are to tyre size differences, and short of asking BMW (where I'm not expecting them to have the foggiest) I thought I'd post up some thoughts first.

Now as we're (mostly) aware, using * marked tyres is recommended due to the tighter checks around sizes etc and for the protection of th...
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