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Yesterday at 06:30:14 AM by Reedster | Views: 64 | Comments: 0

The frustrating thing with most super glues is finding one that works. X5 and other cars I guess can suffer with bonded plastic sections de-laminating, allowing water in. I have found that http://www.toolstation.com/shop/Adhesives+%26+Sealants/d180/General+Adhesives/sd2340/Mitre+Adhesive+Kit/p47409   or similar brands work very well with no adverse effect to the plastic lens on the X5 rear lights....
May 27, 2017, 04:14:39 PM by NehalX5 | Views: 172 | Comments: 8

I believe this may have been down to the tyres being low pressure, but this seems to have happened on the NSR tyre. I have a picture of the OSR picture as well. Does this warrant replacement, as thread is showing, but the tread is fine and not unevenly worn on both sides. The pressure on the bad tyre was about 10psi when filling it up - oops  :(

If I was to replace, would it require the...
May 27, 2017, 03:42:04 PM by Phil68 | Views: 49 | Comments: 1

I have a problem with my rear lighting as I have recently started getting error messages on start up saying 'Rear light left and rear light right failure', all lights are however working fine, I tried to clear the faults with my Carly but the error remains. Any ideas folks ?... thanks.
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