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Yesterday at 12:47:55 PM by Beaujinx | Views: 118 | Comments: 7

Anyone running these on their vehicle ? How's the ride ?
July 21, 2017, 12:18:23 PM by Shez1878 | Views: 194 | Comments: 3

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well. Currently in process of selling my RR Sport so I can go back to an X5.

The alloys on my Sport are diamond cut however need a refurb. I was under the impression this would be hugely expensive in comparison to 'normal' alloys.

So was surprised to be told although the alloys are diamond cut, they can be refurbed as normal alloys....
July 19, 2017, 03:39:02 AM by Pmac32 | Views: 430 | Comments: 11

I am about to purchase a 2012 X5 30d M Sport from a indepenant car dealer which has very low miles, less than 30k. It does not have a service book and I and told by the dealer this is normal for one of these cars, it's all logged on the I drive with paper recipts to back it up. I've only ever had older cars which have been accompanied by a service book fully stamped. Is the dealer correct...
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