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Today at 01:21:30 PM by PhilUK
Views: 62 | Comments: 1

Hi all,

I recently (and very stupidly) drove the car for a few miles with hand brake applied. In my defence I had just hooked up a jet ski trailer which had been parked up all winter so presumed the painful scraping noise was bad bearings on the trailer. It wasn't until the "Parking Brake Failure" warning popped up on the dash when I reached my destination that I realised my error!  :oo...
Today at 12:58:03 PM by pixelmad | Views: 77 | Comments: 2

Hi Folks,

I have my 07 E70 for a year now and am struggling with the ride quality. It came with Sport's Suspension, 20" Wheels and RF tyres so everything was stacked against me. I am a Landscape Photographer and so spend about half my time on back roads, gravel roads or no roads at all; and I feel everything…. jarringly. My regular photography partner spends half the trip feeling sick. ...
Yesterday at 06:39:12 PM by russ25 | Views: 72 | Comments: 1

any one got a rear bumper for a 2009 msport, or no best place to get one thanks.
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