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Author Topic: CCC to CIC controller upgrade.  (Read 582 times)

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November 24, 2016, 06:33:37 PM


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CCC to CIC controller upgrade.
« on: November 24, 2016, 06:33:37 PM »
Just to share a mod that I've just carried out on my E93 3 series vert. Bare with me as adding photos via the images tab on the forum can be tricky and time consuming 😬
I purchased a used CIC controller from EBay £65, I was searching g for a used centre console panel that had the correct CIC cutout. After weeks of requesting the said panel on several breakers sites I realised they were rarer than hens teeth.
Searching g the net I came across a mod where someone had used their old panel and fibre glassed up the original hole. ( the original CCC controller is wider than the CIC controller.)
So I ordered a CIC controller bezel from a 6 series, which has a flange, so making it wider than the standard setup, then with a dremal set about cutting out my old panel elongating the original hole to accommodate the new bezel.
Once the bezel fitted into the panel I was left with a gap down each side , I then with the aid of masking tape covered the top of the bezel and panel. Once secure I mixed some bumper filler and filled in the gaps, the masking tape mimicked the face of the panel, so didn't have filler falling through. Once set I removed the bezel and sanded flush the facia.
I'd ordered a sheet of carbon fibre wrap and a heatgun again off EBay and set about wrapping my console panel.
I took some photos of work in progress.
please note, the CIC controller is said to only work on cars with the software installed after a certain date, and must have the 8 preset buttons on the CIC module in the dash.
I tried the original plug in the new controller first to make sure it worked before I ordered anything else. So if It didn't work I was only £65 in, and could have re sold it.

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