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General Discussion / X5 e70 40d Active Sound Exhaust Booster Experience
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:08:29 PM »
Afternoon to all

Some of you may have heard about it before. Some not.
Some will hate it and some love it.

Wanted to share my experience with E70 and Exhaust Sound Booster from Insideperformance Germany

Its not for everyone, but me being a car enthusiasts, I needed it and I love it.

Having some performance cars in past, driving a diesel is a bit dull for me.
There is a power and torque but no exhaust note whatsoever.

Active Sound system is already fitted as standard to all BiTurbo audis Like A7 or SQ5.

BMW offer it as a Performance upgrade to some F models.
I personally had it fitted by BMW to my previous diesel F30 330d.
It was a lovely car to drive, sporty orientated but no sound on a back at all. 
Active Sound exhaust made it complete car to me and I could enjoy every minute in it.

Coming back to E70.
There is no dealer option for any E models sadly.
So I have decided to source some from Germany where they are made originally.

Company I bought it from is called Inside Performance.
Despatched by DHL on Wednesday arrived Friday.

It is fully controllable via ios or Android app
You can change the tone and volume and set few driving profiles.
You can also control it in a car via dsc or cruise control buttons.
In newer F models it can be controlled by Comfort/sport buttons.

Fitted on Saturday.

Below is a little video I recorded yesterday.

Have a listen with headphones or speakers for real feel 

As siad before I am aware that for some people it will be no go and some will love it like myself.
A bit like a mini Cooper shape - hate it or love it


Enjoy  :)) 8) 8)

Newbies section / Hello to everyone
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:28:57 PM »
Hi to everyone on a forum

My first 4x4 beemer

X5 40d

First two weeks were really weird coming from a 335i coupe
But now loving it and hope to stay for longer


Hi there

Replaced my air filter today and noticed there is a bit missing in air filter housing?
Allowing hot air from engine to reach the air filter.

Ive quickly checked realoem to find out the missing part is called Bypass Valve and comes with cars equipped with Cold Climate Package S842A


Part No 13

My car being UK spec is not a cold climate spec but still i cant believe how this can be right.
The car is sucking the hot air directly from engine bay.

Anyone seen it or can have a quick look if this is missing in their cars as well?

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