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Buy and sell / Rare 18" BMW E53 X5 Style 99 Winter Wheel & Tyre Set
« on: September 03, 2018, 11:24:12 AM »
Please see the following for details but I'm happy to deal direct if there's interest on here:


Having just bought an F25 X3 our X5 will be advertised soon (I'm not going to be around all the time over the next couple of weeks so will delay advertising it properly until then).

It's silver, automatic, 54,000 miles, one previous owner (owned it over 7years), 54 plate so lower tax and it's under the comprehensive BMW insured warranty until January (which can be renewed up to 100,000 miles).

I'll post full details and photos in due course but it's very clean and well maintained with no kerbing to the alloys.  If you're interested get in touch.

General X3 Forum (F25) / Staying in the fold
« on: May 25, 2018, 07:03:29 PM »
Just bought an F25 X3 35D M Sport to replace the E53 X5 so will be remaining on the forum for a while yet!

My apologies in advance for the inevitable barrage of questions that result from new ownership  :)

General Discussion / Euro 5/6?
« on: May 13, 2018, 02:30:01 PM »
I'm thinking of changing the X5 for something newer.  I've tried a few things including petrol cars but would consider an F25 X3 or possibly a late E70 X5.

The problem I have is that I don't want to buy a car which causes problems not far down the line due to not being Euro 6, particularly as although we don't live in London we are in Manchester so things could follow suit.

Now I could afford to buy a later car which is Euro 5 so say a post 2014 facelift 35d but I could also pay probably £10k less for a pre facelift model and would probably go that way if it weren't for this concern.

The engine stated specs seem to be the same.  Can anyone shed any light on whether this should be of significant concern?  What about the new efficiency tests etc?  I know a bit but am struggling.

Problems / Winter door handle problem - again!
« on: March 01, 2018, 09:46:04 AM »
I've had this problem before but just want to check something before I talk to the dealer.

I went to open the driver's side door very carefully as I'm aware of the problem.  It opened but didn't feel normal so I thought there might be a problem.

When I went to close it I couldn't so resorted to holding it shut and pressing the central locking button.

It won't open from the inside now either.

I've got out of the other side and just hope I can open that to get back in later.

Anyway, is it likely to have broken (again) or just be frozen?  Before I start a warranty claim I thought I'd ask as I can't remember.

If it is broken although I have a warranty I feel a bit reluctant to pay the excess when this is a common and known problem.  I think last time they initially tried to argue it as being trim and not covered but I'm not having that.

What's most annoying about this is it happens just as I am able to make use of the winter tyres and 4wd.  The last thing I want to be doing is taking it to the garage or to no be able to safely drive it.

We don't currently really need two cars so have been toying with the idea of selling the 2013 Mini JCW and the E53 X5 30D and buying a newer X5 (or possibly X3).

I'm struggling with a few things.

Our X5 does its job very well and I'm not sure what it would be worth.  It's a 54 with full BMW service history and is still under comprehensive BMW warranty and has covered just shy of 50,000 miles.  Plus it has good Michelin tyres, recent brakes etc so with the low mileage we do shouldn't require any service items for a while.  Same with the Mini.

But we've had the X for longer than any other car (about 8 years) and it is tempting to go for a later X5 which would probably be the 40D with loads of options (or perhaps the 50D).

I guess first of all I need to consider what we'd get for the E53 as a private sale as it's clearly in very rare condition and low mileage with a warranty.

I then wonder as I start looking at highly specced E70 40Ds they tend to be around 2012-2013 so are fairly close to the prices of the next model.  Should I be concerned about buying something towards the end of the model life?  The X3 would be ok and I'd probably prefer the 35D in that case but a new model is due out soon...

All the stuff about restrictions on diesels is a concern as we live within a few miles of Manchester city centre.

Also what kind of discounts are people managing to get on BMW approved used cars?

The sensible option would probably be to stick with the E53 for longer and sell the Mini but if we do keep the E53 I think I'll struggle to let go of the Mini as it is fun, especially now it has Michelin Pilot Super Sports (plus new brakes).

Just thought I'd post as it might help me make a decision and stop going over and over it.

Whilst changing from winter to summer wheels today I thought I might as well do the front discs and pads at the same time (I'd had the parts for a while but the indicator was yet to come on).

Anyway I discovered the drivers side were very low, particulary the inner pad.  For some reason the passenger side wasn't as bad.

I had a hell of a job retracting the driver's side caliper and I could see some flakey rust extending behind the seal.  I used a retracting tool and had to use a 1/2 inch ratchet to turn it.  The other side retracted much more easily and was cleaner.  I suspect the driver's side if not seized completely is to some extent.

Having fitted the discs and pads I went for a short drive and whilst both sides were hot the driver's side was hotter.

So I'm thinking should I buy a new caliper?  Should both be replaced?

I've had a look on Euro Car Parts and there are two Pagid calipers listed which seem to be the same in the fitment details but one is £75.99 and the other £107.99.  Which do I need (08/2004 E53 3.0D)?

Given that I've had everything off and cleaned and greased everything it should be an easy job to replace them but what is the process for bleeding them and how easy is it?  I'm tempted to buy the parts and take it to a decent garage around the corner to be honest as having spent all day on the brakes and the previous couple of days working on our mini I've had enough really.

Thanks guys.

My 54 X5 BMW insured warranty is due for renewal and I have to decide by tomorrow.  If renewing I would opt for the comprehensive option with £100 excess and no breakdown cover which is £942.12 for the year or £86.78 per month.

I'd probably go for the upfront payment as the interest rate on the monthly option is quite high and the upfront option means the warranty is transferrable if I decide to sell.  I would be interested to know how much value having a transferrable BMW warranty is likely to add on sale though.

It's only covered 43,000 miles and I now do very little mileage as I live very close to work and either walk or commute about a mile a day.  We probably do 3,000-5,000 miles pa.

I've had quite a few claims over the years but would definitely have been better off putting the money to one side instead.

So I am wondering whether to a) renew, probably on a one-off payment basis, b) not renew and put the amount the warranty would have cost aside from this point forward and if opting for b) whether to continue using BMW for servicing or start using an independent.

Another matter from a personal perspective is that we may be about to push ourselves financially by moving home (though I would still set aside a car repair/service fund).

In terms of how long we plan on keeping it, it's the longest I've owned a car for (5 or 6 years) but it does its job well, has loads of life in the tyres, virtually new brake discs and pads and 4 green lights on the service indicator (or another year in terms of time) so I think the sensible thing would be to keep it another year or two and perhaps even just keep it long term.  I think perhaps the main reason I would consider changing it is age and that in my line of work something newer would be more in keeping when I visit clients.

So I suppose the liklihood of big bills even if fixed by an independent (or ZF specialist in the case of gearbox issues), the effect of BMW service history and warranty on resale etc are the main factors I'm struggling with evaluating and I don't really know what it would be worth either.  In terms of spec, it's a 54 Sport with basic stereo, silver with grey leather, panoramic roof, rear blinds, no tints, no heated seats, westfalia towbar, so some decent options but not that high spec but in great condition.

An idea of what sort of things tend to start going around what age/mileage would also help.  There's a little play in some rear bushes that I've been told don't need doing yet but will do before long but other than that t's tip top as far as I know.  Both inner CV boots were replaced under warranty recently and they said there was plenty of grease still in the joints so hopefully they are ok.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

General X5 Forum (E53) / Fault found using OBD reader
« on: September 28, 2015, 08:54:40 AM »
I bought the Carley software and interface and found a fault which remains after clearing.  It's to do with the glowplug on cylinder 1.  I have the BMW insured warranty and it is due to go in for something else shortly.  So my question is do I just say to them that I've read the fault codes and there's a fault showing or is my having read the codes likely to cause an issue?

My wing mirror has just been hit for the second time in a couple of months  :'(.

The supporting ring I replaced last time is completely broken but annoyingly there is another plastic part which isn't listed on the parts diagrams so I think it is not available separately although it is easily removed by undoing two machine screws.

So if anyone has a broken facelift driver's side mirror that would be great.  It's only one plastic bit that is essential as I can buy the supporting ring new though if it has that as well then it would be a bonus.

General X5 Forum (E53) / Service issue advice please
« on: January 28, 2015, 10:49:18 AM »
About  a week ago my X5 went in to the main dealer for a value brake fluid change and MOT.

Their organisation and service is appalling but that's s different matter.

Basically the two year brake fluid clock indicator was showing so I had it done.

When I collected the car I noticed certain OBC settings were now in km so I just looked up how to change it in the book and did so.

However I have just realised they have reset the service indicator so it shows 5 green lights.  It was around 2 years since the last service but the mileage has been very low.   I think there were 3 lights remaining.   What should I ask for when contacting them?

I don't want to wait until 5 lights go before service but have no way of knowing when it should be done.  It seems they've screwed it up and I could either be at loss by having it serviced before it is required or unwittingly not follow the proper schedule if I wait until all lights go out which as well as not being good for the car, could affect my BMW warranty.  That's as well as the hassle (on top of issues I already had with them getting the service/MOT organised in the first place and when it came to paying them having conveniently forgotten it was on a value price basis - they suggested I mention it when booking next time when I'd told them 3 times i.e. when I first booked, when I called them and found they'd not actually booked it in and when I dropped it off at which time I got the impression it still hadn't actually been booked in as it wasn't on the list....)

We only need on car at them moment so are selling our R129 SL60 with the deal due to complete this week.

Whilst I am happy to keep the X5 for a while, a leasing deal on a Golf R got me thinking that it probably wouldn't cost much more over a two year period than than X5 given that I pay for a BMW warranty and factoring in depcreciation.  This all depends on what the X5 is worth though and how much it is likely to be worth in two years.

So our X5 is a 54 registration 3.0D Sport , we're the second owners, BMW history, silver with grey leather with panoramic roof, Westfalia towbar (only used for bikes).

It is in great condition having only covered 37,500 miles and it's covered by the comprehensive BMW warranty.  The wheels were refurbished this year due to a minor scuff to one and slight corrosion of the inners.  It had new Michelin tyres fitted all round at the same time.

Having never leased before I also need to consider the potential pitfalls.



Metallic Silver with Black Leather Interior.

Second (lady) owner and owned since November 2003.

Only 82,000 miles.

In excellent condition inside and out.  A very high specification reliable executive/family car well looked after by mature non-smoking owner with no pets who treats their possessions with care.

Taxed until 31 October 2014.

MOT until 18 December 2014.

Full service history.

Most oil services carried out by mechanically competent owner’s husband or local garages with other work having been completed by the Honda main dealer including the important timing belt having been replaced at 71,000 miles.  The oil and filter will be changed in the next few days ready for sale.

Specification as follows (with some of the obvious items removed):

Alloy wheels
Auto climate controlled air conditioning
60/40 asymmetric split folding rear seats
Adjustable front head restraints
Adjustable rear seat head restraints
Body colour bumpers, door handles, door mirrors and door side protectors
Boot keyless entry
Boot mounted additional accessory socket
BOSE sound system
Carpet mats – genuine Honda
Category 1 remote alarm and immobiliser
Chrome grille
Cigar lighter
Cruise control
Day/night rear view mirror
Delay courtesy light function
Door side impact protection
Double wishbone suspension
Driver + passenger vanity mirrors
Driver's seat with lumbar adjustment
Dual SRS airbags
Electric adjust driver's seat, door mirrors, front and rear windows and tilt/slide sunroof
Front centre armrest
Front cup holders
Front fog lights
Front seatbelt pre-tensioners
Full size spare wheel
Graduated tinted windscreen
Headlight washers + water filling control
Heat absorbing green glass
Heated door mirrors
Heated front seats
Height adjustable front seatbelts
Keyless entry
Leather gear knob
Multi-link rear suspension
Power Assisted Steering
RDS CD/tuner
Remote central locking
Side airbags
Tilt adjustable steering wheel
Towbar with single electrics (only used occasionally for bike rack and very light trailer)
Ventilated front and rear disc brakes

Payment by cash or bank transfer with the car and registration document only being released on receipt of cleared funds.

This is a private sale without warranty so no returns will be accepted .  The car is sold as seen however inspections are welcome subject to prior arrangement.  Test drives only offered if proof of insurance is provided.

No canvassers please.

This is my mother’s car and is in Abergele on the North Wales coast but as I am based in Sale near Manchester it might be possible to arrange a viewing there (but no time wasting please).

£1,599 however open to sensible offers.

I have decided to sell my Dice iPod integration kit.

It comes with the extension cable and iPod cable.

It fits to the CD multi-changer socket in the boot of the X5 and various other models.

I connected it in the boot and never got around to running the cable to the front.  I have only used it two or three times.

As I hardly do any mileage these days I can't be bothered fitting it so have decided it might as well go.

Full details are available here:


Before I put it on eBay I thought I would see if there is any interest here.

I am looking for £60 posted.  Payment by bank transfer please.

My eBay feedback is 100% positive over 359 transactions.

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