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General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Spare wheel use
« Last post by marinaman on Today at 07:37:40 PM »
Interesting read for those who have no knowledge.
so   i note all my tyres are about the same wear rate. so good sense even though expensive to swop all 4 at once .

Would 4 tyres of the same brand and part number but different sized for front and rear be acceptable or must you get these starred  ones
General X5 Forum (F15) / Re: Bored of the Wait
« Last post by Dogzyboy on Today at 07:33:14 PM »
On a transporter and should be with the dealer tomorrow!  :D :D

Marvellous! When will you get it?

Still guessing the 27th but popping in to discuss tomorrow.  They’ve got the M Performance parts to fit and my plate to transfer so it will take them a good few days to sort out. :D
General X5 Forum (E70) / Re: New interior trims!!!!
« Last post by Sit on Today at 07:05:10 PM »
Any pics of this fitted yet????

If it’s doing a DPF regen then all of the engine fans will be running - so I’m suspicious of that being the answer.

Anything burning oil should be of concern.  The costs could be very high given it’s a BMW.  I’d either ask the supplying dealer to fix it, or give you your money back.

Could be the turbo even though replaced.  Not unknown for them to fail again.
Btw, service history shows that the turbo was replaced/fixed about 10k miles ago.. so shouldn't be related.
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Spare wheel use
« Last post by CondorX5 on Today at 06:55:18 PM »
The 4.6 and 4.8 E53 had 18” spares - my 2005 4.8 still has the original 18” “biscuit” in the boot. The 17” wheels do not fit over the brake calipers. 
The E53 is not as finicky about tyres as the E70 - the diff wind up is really bad on E70s and there have been a number which needed replacement transfer boxes (including my own E70, under warranty thank heavens).  BMW are very fussy anout checking tyres really carefully at that point to see if they can blame the owner and wheedle their way out of a free repair! 
My E53 has never had star marked tyres following the original Michelins, have used Vredesteins for years and at over 130k it is still running very smoothly.
The E70’s transfer box was history at 50k miles........I noticed it (judder at tight turns slow speeds) when I bought it as an AUC and it was replaced without issue FOC. I stick to star marked tyres ONLY, RFTs and change all four together......
Apologies if I haven't introduced myself and my first post is a cry for help, hope I'm not breaking any rule :) I also couldn't find other threads with the exact same issue. 

In short: car seems to be burning oil when warm (oil gauge in the middle) and idling, but idles fine, has no hiccups nor power drops, no smoke while driving around or starting it up.  I'm not sure if a major fault and I should bring it back for a refund, or if this is a non-major issue, or I don't know diesels and/or the car is going through DPF regeneration. No clue for now.

Long story: 2 weeks ago I bought a 2006 X3 2.0d from a dealer. Drove away all happy as I test drove the car for half hour on motorway/town etc, checked fluid levels and caps etc and everything seemed absolutely fine. Car drives perfectly and doesn't miss a beat, just needed new rear wheel bearings and MOT, which were done.

Last weekend while sitting at a traffic light I see a cloud of whiteish/gray smoke from the side window, get out of the car and notice it smells like burnt plastic.

I drive away, all panicky and thinking I am going to have a ton of headaches for this, but when I stop at the next light no smoke. I get on the motorway and no smoke.
I get to the airport and a lot of smoke again, but less than before.

Next day I pick up the car again, drive to halfords and stick some diesel cleaner additive in the car. Warm engine, stop at a traffic light and see it smoking, but less smoke than the previous day. 

Call dealer, who replies it may be the DPF regeneration that is causing the smoke. Not too convinced, I take the car to my own garage. My chap there sees the smoke and says it's more than likely burning oil and could be anything, valve seals, injectors, piston rings etc. None sounding cheap and cheerful.

Here's a video I took earlier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYPbz9eQPw0

Worth pursuing a repair? Or shall I start looking for a refund?
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Spare wheel use
« Last post by themoog on Today at 06:48:10 PM »
Last year i had a new set of tyres on the front of my E53. After a few weeks the front dif started to click or pop when changing from drive to reverse. It wasn't until i put new rears on several months later that the noise stopped. I didn't know what it was but it must have had something to do with the different diameter between worn rears and new fronts.
Problems / Re: 3.0d Manual jerky acceleration at low revs
« Last post by X5Sport on Today at 06:47:39 PM »
Check you tyres - tread depth and type/brand and sizes match the label on the B pillar.

And see post #5 here:  http://xdrivers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=16512.msg156691#msg156691
in case it also applies.  It may not, but it’s something to be aware of all the same.
General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: Spare wheel use
« Last post by X5Sport on Today at 06:41:39 PM »
Unless you have 17” wheels, yes.

The issue with BMWs (and allegedly some Audi and Merc models) is that staggered tyres have different profiles due to the different widths.  This can lead to a different overall rolling diameter and circumference.  One member measured the difference on a set at 32mm, and that is per revolution, difference between the front and rear circumference.  That difference winds the transmission up and either causes it to unwind in jerks, or break something.

The three manufacturers above have special tyres made where the rolling radii (and therefore the circumference) are matched despite the different profile.  These tyres are marked with a ‘*’ for BMW.  No transmission wind up.   :)  Merc have ‘MO’ markings.  The downside is only a few premium (they would be  >:( )brands have bought into this and they are expensive

The same thing happens if you change one pair of ‘at wear limit’ tyres for a brand new pair but leave the other axle as badly worn and keep driving.

It only really affects cars with a staggered wheel setup (as is found on 19” and 20” OEM sets as an example).  After market sets may not be staggered.

So the advice is that care needs to be taken when choosing tyres in order to avoid or reduce the risk of transmission damage.  The E83 X3 seems particularly sensitive, but other models show identical symptoms - grinding noises and jerkiness when stopping or at full lock.  Jerkiness is a known feature of the E53 gearbox too but annoyingly may not be tyre related.  Ignoring the noises can result in destroyed diffs and transfer boxes - and a depleted bank balance.

Also it is sensible to change tyres as a full set.  One reason why BMW stands for Breaks My Wallet  :(
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